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What's a blog for?

The word blog is a truncation of 'web' and 'log'. It is a personal space on the internet where you can freely express yourself. Each "entry" that you publish is presented in chronological order and may be commented upon by visitors to your site. There are many different types of blogs out there today, covering a wide range of topics: personal diary, travel log, political commentary, corporate communication...

Gandi has chosen to power its GandiBlog service by the best Blog platform available, Dotclear 2.0. For each domain registered, you have, for no extra fee:

Key features of GandiBlog

  • 1 free blog for each domain registered with Gandi
  • As many authors as you wish
  • 1GB of storage for your media files (photos, movies, music, etc.)
  • 10GB of data transfer per month (ex. several tens of thousands of visitors)

Many ways to customize your blog's look

  • 30 original themes that you can customize.
  • Customizable CSS stylesheet
  • Many widgets to make your blog come alive

Powerful tools

  • RSS feed
  • Your own Statistics
  • Possibility of using trackbacks
  • Import/Export your Blog
  • Anti-spam filter and DNS blacklisting
  • Supports XML-RPC
  • Built-in content search engine

Community-based tools

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