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On demand cloud infrastructure

Innovative hosting for your servers

Create your servers, load balancers, private networks etc. quickly, just as if you had your own data center.


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Why choose Gandi for your hosting service?

Power, flexibility and only pay for what you need.

Power on demand

You no longer need to create an over-sized server, scaled for some theoretical potential usage: our technology lets you pay only for what you need.

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Monitor the activity of your server's processor, disk, or network status in real time, so that you can take action rapidly if needed.

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Monitoring service

Configure your probes to send you an email or instant message alert. Dynamically change the power of your server depending on the loads it experiences. No reboot required!

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Web accelerator

Increase the speed and accessibility of your websites with our web accelerator, which is also able to balance the load over 16 different servers if necessary!

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Private networks (Private VLANs)

Thanks to an innovative system developed by Gandi in-house, you can set up private networks to send data between your servers securely, without leaving Gandi's network.

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To ensure data security and uptime of your service.

Cloud infrastructure

In the event that there is a hardware problem on the hosting infrastructure, your server will be automatically moved to a working location by our system.

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Our hosting contract clearly guarantees our contractual commitments.

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The quality of our infrastructure and service.

Green hosting

Most physical servers use only 15% of their capacity, leading to a lot of waste. Using a VPS on a cloud infrastructure allows you to optimize server use and power consumption.

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Emergency support

In case of emergency on one of your servers, our specialized support will address your request as a priority.

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Exhaustive documentation

Our documentation is dynamic and constantly updated to provide accurate answers your questions. We have a large quantity of tutorials, videos, and articles.

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