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Gandi Site

  • Just as powerful for a personal site as for a professional one
  • Create your website by clicking and dragging elements
  • Allows creating websites that display well on all devices

Create your website

Easy for beginners

With the intuitive, WYSIWYG interface, you can build your pages without having to know HTML5 or CSS3.

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Many different templates

Many high-quality templates are waiting for you, covering all professional categories, hobbies, and personal homepage styles. Choose the one that you want, modify it, and publish!

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Works with all devices

Nowadays a lot of web browsing is done from tablets and smartphones. Your site should be compatible with this new media. The pages you make with Gandi sites will work on all these devices.

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Powerful for experts

Want to edit a block of text, or add another block? Need to reposition an image, or add a submit button and a navigation menu? There's nothing easier to do, with the drag and drop interface.

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Integrated social tools

Lots of websites add to their usability and popularity by incorporating links to social media. You can use our tools to connect your site to the most popular social networks.

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Easy content management

Modify text blocks, add another, move an image, add a send button, or add/modify a navigation menu? Nothing could be easier!

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Ecommerce tools

Easily create a website that will allow you to sell your products throughout the world.

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