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Fill out this form with contact info to create a Gandi handle. Be sure to choose the correct handle type for your situation, and note that
you must use a real, legally verifiable name for yourself or your company or organization.
Note: This cannot be changed later. See our support wiki for more info.

Fields marked with a * are required

Contact information

Fill in the fields below to create your account.

For a .fr domain, the name of your company must be identical to the one associated with your SIREN number.

Please enter a new password for your Gandi account. We strongly recommend choosing a long, complex password containing letters, numbers and special characters.

Please re-enter your password.

To enhance the security of your Gandi account, we strongly recommend that you choose a secret question. In the event that you lose your password, knowing the answer to this question will be invaluable.

Enter your SIREN or INSEE registration number

If you do not have a SIREN registration number, you may enter a trademark registration number (INPI, OMPI...) associated with your domain.

Enter your VAT number (intra-Community or according to your jurisdiction); for companies registered in the European Union, this number must be indicated on the invoice.

To validate the creation form, please comply with the zip code format. For more information, please have a look at our wiki.

If you live in the USA, Canada, Australia, India or Italy, please indicate your state of residence. If you are in France, specify your region.

Please enter your telephone phone number in the international format.
Ex.: +1.1231231234 for a number in the United States

Please enter your fax number in the international format.
Example: +1.1231231234 for a number in the United States

Please enter your cell phone number in the international format.
Example: +1.1231231234 for a number in the United States

If you need to update your email address, please authorize Gandi as the ICANN Designated Agent. This procedure has been updated to reflect the new ICANN rules.

If you would like to receive Gandi's newsletter by e-mail.

This option, activated by default, allows replacing your email address in both the public WHOIS database and at the registry when this is possible by an anonymized email address in the form of "".
This anonymized email address will forward any mail sent to it to the email address that you provided.
By deactivating this option, your real email address will be stored in the registry's database. If you want your real email address to be published in the public WHOIS database, you must also deactivate the hidden WHOIS data option below.

This option, activated by default, allows hiding your personal data in Gandi's public WHOIS database (excluding your state and country, the anonymized email address, and the name of the company, association, or public body if applicable).
By deactivating this option, you expressly consent to the publication of your personal data in the public WHOIS database. You can withdraw your consent at any time by reactivating the hidden WHOIS data option.
This option does not apply to the following extensions where your personal data is protected at the registry level, and for which Gandi displays the WHOIS information as provided by the registry. In this case, should you want your personal data to be publicly available, please contact our customer support team via our form

Our contract with ICANN requires us to grant access to our Whois directory to any third party who requests it. However, you have the right to exclude your personal information from being viewed in this directory. Only proceed to the next form by clicking on YES if you accept that your data shall be published in the Whois directory.

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Helpful Tips

  • Your contact information will be used for the registration of domain names that you purchase, and will be published in the global public Whois database, unless you are an individual and register a TLD that already protects the privacy of individuals (.EU, .BE, .FR, etc.) or if you activate Gandi's Whois Protection service on a domain that supports privacy (some do not).
  • Information that is Inaccurate, missing, or that does not comply with registry rules will often prevent the creation of a domain name.
  • You must enter valid contact information. In case of litigation, you risk losing your domain if the whois contact information is inaccurate. Likewise, if you lose your password, we may need to ask you to supply ID that corresponds exactly to what is provided here.
  • Indicate a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you in order to send e-mail reminders for your contracts before they expire. It's a good idea to use an address that is not associated with the domains you register here.
  • If you are a company and would like to register domain names for different owners, the "Reseller" handle type will give you access to a more appropriate ordering interface.
  • Fields that are grayed out (company, first and last name) during the modification of your personal information cannot be changed directly. If you want to change this information, you will need to carry out an ownership change operation for your domains.
  • Our domain protection service for individuals is free. Once activated, no letter, document or request can be sent to you at the address we substitute for yours. You must acknowledge that you have been informed of this, and assume all responsibility for using this service. Third parties will be informed of this in the whois result as well.

Live chat support

Live chat support

Use the window below to communicate with one of our agents.
Note: Please submit a support ticket for more complex issues; chat support is primarily for simple questions.

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