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Domain name management has become very specialized, and is often much more complex that it appears at first glance. Our Corporate services team is made up of dedicated, experienced professionals, and as with any specialty, experience makes all the difference. Many extensions have very specific rules to follow, and if you are not aware of them your registration attempts are bound to fail. More importantly, for new extensions in the all-important pre-registration "Sunrise" phase, your chance of success, never 100%, will be reduced to zero if any detail is incorrect. Finally, once you have a domain and a website, transferring it without loss of connectivity requires a specific sequence of actions. If the process is not mastered, this can quickly become a disaster for your site...

Local contacts

Certain extensions (.DE, .LU, and .EX, for example), require a local contact, a domain name administrator living in the country of the extension who can vouch for the validity of the domain name. Gandi can provide a local contact in the large majority of cases. These local contacts (called Trustees in the world of domain names) legally validate the registration of your domain names. In most cases, similar services provided by brand protection firms employ local lawyers for this service, and the high fees they charge lead to significant additional registration costs. These contacts are provided free of charge by Gandi whenever possible.

Domain name redemption procedure

Redeeming a domain name sold to, or purchased from, a third party is never easy. It is often a question of your confidence in the third party, and in your own management of the process. Redemptions are typically finalized in a single simultaneous transaction involving owner change, payment, and registrar change. Many companies offering these services will still require you to master their process, interfaces, as well as the requisite tasks and action items. Our experts can perform this delicate mission for you.

Transfer management

Transfer of a domain name is rarely easy. Transfers involve several steps that must be performed correctly and in the correct order to minimize the time involved, and the potential for failure of the website or email service behind the domain name. With nearly 500 transfer operations successfully completed each day, Gandi is fluent in the language of transfers. We can safely and optimally manage these operations on all extensions.

Technical portfolio management

Many operations in the maintenance of your domain names can be tricky and can carry risk. DNS change is typical in its pitfalls: Have you activated your zone file? Does your zone file pass the registry ZoneCheck test? Did you properly assign a valid secondary DNS? If you get it wrong, your domain name will stop responding to DNS... There are many other technical operations, such as web redirection, changes to the administrative or technical contacts, securing your domain's DNS via DNSSEC keys, just to name a few. These operations can be performed by our specialists, who are experienced in the techniques and will respond rapidly to your requests.

Email management

We understand that your emails are among the most important communications you can have. Managing many email addresses on multiple domains can quickly become a headache for system administrators. We offer advice on the management and optimization of email, reducing the risk of interruption of this crucial service.

Global brand monitoring

Your brand is your identity. You have worked hard to build it, and you must protect it on the Internet. With the proliferation of extensions, fraudulent methods of usurping brands are also proliferating. It is now more important than ever to take measures to ensure your brand reputation stays intact. You must constantly monitor for developments harmful to your image and your business. We have the expertise, as well as powerful tools to monitor and to provide you regular activity reports on developments impacting your brands.

Backorder management

To purchase an existing domain name at the exact moment it becomes publicly available, or in fact just before, is always a tricky operation. Especially if the domain in question is on your competitors radar, or perhaps has the interest of a "domainer" company, who purchase domains opportunistically, with the goal of selling to legitimate customers instead of using it themselves. The market is a jungle, and our Backorder management can be your guide.

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