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Gandi Corporate

The Gandi Corporate subscription pack has a range of "à la carte" billing options to adapt to your needs. The options are extensive, and can be customized. For example, we can offer you:

Invoice payments

We charge for this service, only because Gandi assumes some risk on your behalf. Domain names are registered for a minimum period (generally one or two years) and the registries requires up-front payment. We cover the costs for the minimum registration period and bill you at the end of the month, or later, according the option you purchased (30, 45 or 60 days).

Deferred payment for 30, 45 or 60 days

Going along with the invoice payment service, this option gives you deferrals on payment for registering domain names at Gandi. The length of deferral depends on the option purchased, ie 30, 45 or 60 days. Deferred payment is also valid on pre-bookings and renewal of domain names.

Paper invoices

In the interest of saving paper, and as part of our general cost reduction efforts, we do not send paper invoices to our customers. Instead, we make them downloadable directly from our web site, in your customer account. Sometimes, however, it is easier for your finance department to manage your account with a paper invoice. To facilitate this, we can send by mail monthly bills to the address you indicate.


Billing multiple entities

If your company has a complex financial structure, with multiple entities who wish to be invoiced independently, we can do so for you. Each party will be given access to the same benefits as the main account, and can be charged on its behalf.

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