Prepay credits

Your Cloud infrastructure works on a system of credits per hour. At the start, the money that you add to your prepaid account is converted into credits depending on your needs (10,000 minimum) though you can also purchase these credits in advance and in so doing benefit from reduced rates.

Discount Price Quantity
Purchase credits in "On demand" mode $0.00012
150,000 pack (15%) US$15.30
1,000,000 pack (20%) US$96.00
2,000,000 pack (30%) US$168.00
For a total of 0

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Helpful Tips

Your Gandi IaaS server dashboard is where you come to see the consumption, history, and status of your servers and resources. It is also the starting point for creating and managing your Gandi IaaS cloud computing resources.

Live chat support

Live chat support

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Note: Please submit a support ticket for more complex issues; chat support is primarily for simple questions.

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