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Gandi protects your privacy

Gandi is firmly committed to protecting your personal data. However, the publication of data in the WHOIS database is a strict requirement of the global authority on domain names, ICANN, as well as by registries.

Being the owner of a domain name, means that you have certain legal responsibilities, among which is the public availability of your contact information so that any party seeking to contact you can do so within a fairly limited timeframe.

We recognize that this rule somewhat conflicts with our commitment to protecting personal data and with the goal of limiting spam as much as possible, so as a compromise we offer, for free, the possibility of limiting the information made public in the WHOIS database.

Gandi provides you with many ways to protect your privacy.

We guarantee that we will not sell your information either directly or indirectly.

We provide you with the opportunity to use a special Gandi forwarding address that will mask your real personal email address. This address is protected against spam and you may generate a new address whenever you like.

We offer the possibility of hiding your street address and telephone number.
Please note that certain extensions do not support WHOIS privacy either because the registries of these extensions prohibit the obfuscation of data in the WHOIS or because the registry provides this type of protection directly. The list of extensions that are compatible with this service is available here.

The contract regarding WHOIS privacy is available here.

For all questions, comments, or concerns regarding a domain name registered with Gandi using our WHOIS privacy service, please contact us via the contact form available here.

Public domain registration


John Smith

14 Main Street
Iowa City
United States of America
Phone: +1.5553371234

Email: j.smith@example.com

Private domain registration


John Smith

This information is private
Please contact the person by email.
Gandi, 63-65 boulevard Massena
75013 Paris
Phone: +33.170377666
Fax: +33.143730576

Email: eersdfd545esg@contact.gandi.net

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