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The Domain wishlist

Here is a list of packages that have been added after being suggested in the wishlist.

List of developed functionalities

SHA-2 signed SSL certs

Suggested by AJ

Gandi does not support signing certificates with SHA-2. This is a problem, as SHA-1 is deprecated, going away completely in 2017. Being able to use SHA2 and EC certs would be nice.

Payments in Bitcoin

Suggested by korobkov, jacquesbh, apropos

International payments can be a pain. Bitcoin is easy and irrevocable, low risk for Gandi. Please add BTC as a payment option.

QC.CA and .CA extensions

Suggested by Kiwi

Add the possibility to purchase extensions for Quebec and Canada

.IO extension

Suggested by stan

Add the possibility to buy the Indian Ocean extension via Gandi


Suggested by Quetzal

Add the possibility to buy the Mexican extension with Gandi

Add the possibility to use '+' on Gandi Mail

Suggested by sims

Add the '+' system on mail to have emails like me+shop@mydomain.com

IPv6-connected DNS servers

Suggested by Chaz6

Gandi's DNS servers (dns0.gandi.net., dns1.gandi.net., dns2.gandi.net., dns3.gandi.net., a.dns.gandi.net., b.dns.gandi.net. and c.dns.gandi.net.) should be accessible from an IPv6 network.

.AU and COM.AU Extensions

Suggested by WhatExercise

Ability to purchase Australian .au extensions. .com.au, .net.au especially. http://www.auda.org.au/ is the administrator for .au.

.MA extension

Suggested by Nico

Add the possibility to buy the Moroccan extension via Gandi


Suggested by microdev

Add the possibility to buy the Israeli extension on Gandi

UCC SSL certs are awesome

Suggested by Bill Weiss

I would love to be able to buy UCC certs from Gandi. Right now I'm using GoDaddy, and I'm not a fan :(

Note from Gandi: Multi-domain certificates at Gandi became available in 2012. More info

T-Shirt Gandi

Suggested by olfak

Deliver Gandi T-Shirt in Canada and in the US

.by TLD

Suggested by Josh

Please consider adding support for the .by TLD. .by belongs to Belarus, but anyone may register a second-level domain, and the English word "by" allows for many creative domain names.

Add the .DK extension

Suggested by fredo

Add the possibility to buy the Danish extension via Gandi

Increase the maximum number of allowed characters in passwords.

Suggested by MindTooth

As said via email, I've started to take security quite seriously. And I'm finding the cap on 16 characters a bit low. I would prefer 32 or even higher. This is something that should make the cut, since that would increase the overall security of Gandi. And no hostile domain takeovers ;)

.CO.ZA extension

Suggested by Pierre

Add the possibility to purchase the extension for South Africa

Add an XML API access for non reseller

Suggested by Bruno

The idea is to add some XML methods open to non reseller too.

.CO.NZ extension

Suggested by Pierre

Add the possibility to purchase the extension for New Zealand

.PY = Paraguay

Suggested by Pygix

Add .PY domains

.CD domains

Suggested by Ronan

Add the possibility to buy .CD domains

Please handle .ps domains

Suggested by Samir Nassar

GANDI is my favorite place to spend money on the internet and I want to continue doing so. Please let us register .ps domains names.

.HU domain support

Suggested by Lukács

...because it is a European country, so it is a kind of obvious omission.

add .XXX domains

Suggested by Pauli

Please add .XXX TLD for sale as they have been approved by ICANN

.coop TLD

Suggested by Mark Burdett

We'd love to see Gandi.net add support for the .coop TLD!

Add the .TK extensions

Suggested by colclaudine

for Tokelau

Support for VG domain (and other AdamsNames)

Suggested by Jon

I have been wanting for some time to move my .VG domain over to GANDI, and to buy a GANDI SSL certificate for it.

Support .ws Domains

Suggested by latency

Please add support for .ws domains!

.TO domains

Suggested by Michael

Please add the possibility to manage .TO domains (Tonga)

Hungary Domain (.hu)

Suggested by AK

Please add hungarian Domain (.hu) to your portfolio


Suggested by Mike

Please add support for registering DNSSEC keys for .IN domains.

Add zone management on the reseller API

Suggested by MaX3315

- Create DNS record - Update/Delete records - create/attach/delete a new zonefile ...

Simplify domain Transfer

Suggested by Cadey

Gandi create a new Handle each time I transfer a new domain, is there a way to improve that ?

Add the .FI extension

Suggested by vilho

Add the possibility to buy the Finnish extension via Gandi

Add a mail to warn the admin when a quota is reached

Suggested by manu71

When the quota is near 9X% on a mailbox, send an automatic mail to the Domain admin

Registration of .gr ccTLD

Suggested by kimon

It would be great if you could add the ccTLD for Greece (.gr) to your supported list.

Owner of transferred domains should be the requestor

Suggested by Bradley

Please don't assign a transferred domain to a new account. I only want one account at Gandi, but each time I transfer a domain, Gandi creates a new account for me. This is very confusing and creates a maintenance nightmare. To make matters worse, the process of transferring the ownership has to be done one by one by clicking the link in each email. Why can't I approve all of the transfers from my login?

Webmail - Rouncubemail

Suggested by Nickö

Add a second webmail like roundcube

.co TLD

Suggested by jorarome

Add the possibility to buy .co domain (and your extension) with Gandi. The country code top-level domain for the Republic of Colombia is now available globally.

.so registration

Suggested by Koen

Offer registrations for .so domains.


Suggested by BuX

Add the possibility to purchase .FI domains

DNSSEC management

Suggested by evyncke

Support DNSSEC on the zone management

Add .lv to level domain

Suggested by tuupola

Add possibility to register Latvian (.lv) domains.

.no TLD

Suggested by Martin

Add support for the .no (Norway) TLD

.SI Domain

Suggested by Gianpicchio

Add the possibility to purchase the Slovenian extension


Suggested by Dominic Sayers

I have a .ms domain that I'd like to transfer to Gandi please.

.ST extension

Suggested by Keegan

Add the option to buy .st domains via Gandi.

.gl tld

Suggested by NiTRo

i wish you could hanlde .gl domains

.ro domain support

Suggested by paulbeattie

It's a European country so seems obvious!

Belorussia Domain (.by)

Suggested by AK

Please add belorussia Domain (.by) to your portfolio.

Unambiguous Dates

Suggested by Michael Moore

There needs to be a dating system that cannot be misinterpreted by either US or International customers.

.GG domains

Suggested by Ian

Guernsey TLD. Has potential for creative use and also has many two letter domains available

.ST domains

Suggested by zacwest

Support for .ST domains would be useful.

.LY extension

Suggested by timb, trigrou

Ability to register/transfer the Libyan extension via Gandi

Note from Gandi: The .ly TLD is currently handled manually by our support team, and so is still reserved to customers with a Corporate Services subscription.

.AS extension

Suggested by Anordby

Please add .AS extension. I have 7 .as domains I want to transfer to GANDI.

.GG Domain Extension

Suggested by Chris Horridge

Would love to be able to transfer a .GG domain to Gandi's service, as well as purchase through Gandi in the future!

TDL .sk

Suggested by mdenel

it would be great if .sk were managed

NZ Domains

Suggested by MMP

Please add support for .nz domains.

.MG Domains

Suggested by yg522

Possibility to buy .mg domains

Prepare zone files before migration

Suggested by Manu

Allow users to prepare a zone file when transferring a domain name to Gandi, this way there is zero downtime. Should apply to registrar transfer + NS as well as changing only the NS.

API for managing zone files

Suggested by iustin

Hi, Having an API to manage zone files, or even better, a method to upload new zone files entirely, would allow automated managed of zones. Thanks!

Autoresponder API

Suggested by Golem XIII

allow to manipulate autoresponder via API

Export mail list

Suggested by Cyril

Possibility to export the mail list

Two-Factor Authentication (OATH)

Suggested by heypete, Sanchez, Matic, jbmfa, Tobias, Edward, Heeenk, Chaz6, jz

I would really appreciate being able to use two-factor authentication with my account to protect from password guessing attacks. Using the open standard TOTP would be great, as it would work with widely-available programs like Google Authenticator.

DNSSEC support for .info domains

Suggested by Psi-Jack

DNSSEC helps strengthen the validity of DNS and prevent DNS poisoning. .info has supported DNSSEC since July 2010. Please add DNSSEC support for the .info TLD.

.SH Domains

Suggested by Andre

.SH domains would be very nice, as you already have .io in your sortiment thats probably not a big task, as .ac, .io and .sh is managed by the same registry. Of course DNSSEC support from the beginning would be nice!

.com.au Australian TLD

Suggested by Matt

Registrars for the .com.au TLD are horrid here. I know a lot of people, including myself, that would jump at the chance to switch all of their .com.au names to Gandi. Keep up the great work.


Suggested by Sandra


Extension .ac

Suggested by mat

Extension .ac

'extension .tn

Suggested by seb

'extension .tn

Domaine .si

Suggested by flotix

Domaine .si

Credit Card Processing in US

Suggested by juliac

Would like to have a US processor for credit cards. It has become a huge hassle to charge internationally, and banks also now add large fees when they do international charges.

.CZ domains

Suggested by Andre, Atomicduo

Please make .cz (Czech Republic) domains available to register at Gandi!

Live chat option

Suggested by JAS

Chat to easily ask questions to Gandi and get help fast.

Note from Gandi: It is now possible to contact our support team via chat.


Suggested by alejonext

Add Bitcoin
Change the news ticker size