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Renew Your Domain(s)

You can renew even if you have lost your handle and/or password:

  • Below, please specify the domain name(s) that you would like to renew without "www" but with the TLD, like this: example.com. Click Validate.
  • On the Login page, please choose the box on the left "You do not yet have a Gandi handle" if you need to create a new Gandi handle.
  • For help recovering your login codes, please refer to this page on our wiki.

Enter up to 50 domains to renew

Enter one domain per line

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Helpful Tips

  • List the domain name(s) to renew, without the http:// or the www..
  • You may also use this interface if you would like to restore a domain that is in the deletion process (Redemption Period or Quarantine status).

  • Contact Customer Care for more information

Live chat support

Live chat support

Use the window below to communicate with one of our agents.
Note: Please submit a support ticket for more complex issues; chat support is primarily for simple questions.

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