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Simple Hosting

Hosting in an instant

Starting at US$5.00 + VAT/mo
  • Language choice
  • 20GB to 1TB of storage
  • up to 5M pageviews
  • Up to 100 domains
  • unlimited databases
  • Datacenter choice: Paris or Luxembourg


Platform as a Service means that you create your hosting environment by simply choosing the services that you want. We take care of all the rest.

Power and limitations

You no longer need to worry about having enough power for your website! Gandi's Simple Hosting lets you scale the power of your hosting space instantly, without the need to transfer files.

Instance Families

Choose the type of configuration that you want (PHP, Node.Js, or Python) and the desired database (MySQL, pgSQL, mongoDB), and you will have a dedicated instance that is ready to use.


You can use your personal cloud hosting space for just one day, or for a whole year if you want, the choice is yours! And if you need more or less power, simply change the settings of your instance, and only pay for what you actually need.


Starting with the M pack, you can easily set up a secure https:// address using your own certificates.

Multiple access

Update your instance by SFTP, access your instance by SSH console, or publish your code via GIT: you are free to choose your preferred method.

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Gandi VPS

Innovative hosting

Starting at US$4.17 + VAT/mo
  • from 1 to 16 CPU cores
  • from 256Mo to 24GB of RAM
  • 3GB to 16TB of storage
  • from 1 to 100Mbit/s of bandwidth
  • Datacenter choice: Paris or Luxembourg

Power of a dedicated server

Xen technology lets you have the strength of dedicated technology without hardware worries.

Power on demand

You no longer need to create an over-sized server, scaled for some theoretical potential usage: our technology lets you pay only for what you need.

XML automation interface (API)

Integrate our hosting service into your IT system, and manage your VPS cloud servers at a distance through our XML API.

Web accelerator

Increase the speed and accessibility of your websites with our web accelerator, which is also able to balance the load over 16 different servers if necessary!

Private networks (Private VLANs)

Thanks to an innovative system developed by Gandi in-house, you can set up private networks to send data between your servers securely, without leaving Gandi's network.

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