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Configure your server

Use the form below to set up your server's initial configuration. Each resource uses a number of credits per hour. You can choose to pay "on demand", by automatic conversion from your Gandi account, or by prepaying via credit packs.

CPU cores define the power of your server. The more cores you have on a server, the more parallel operations you can perform. 42

RAM will let you run more processes on your server. It is this parameter that will play a role in having more services (web, mail, etc.) or more simultaneous connections on these services. MB 24

70 Automatically attributed Delete add

The size of the system disk can be increased as soon as your server has been created. You can attach up to 8 disks to a single server.
Our disks are RAID SAS 1+0 by default.
3 Delete add

If you choose this mode, your server will work as long as you have funds available in your Gandi prepaid account. With this choice, you will be able to run your server for 2 days, 23 hours. Already a Gandi customer?

139/hour or about US$12.01 per month * Prices are indicative, based on a 30-day use with a 2 TB monthly bandwidth consumption included (Detailed price table).


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Helpful Tips

Server creation : list of resources

Pick the server size that matches your needs. If you do not know yet how much power is required, we recommend to start with a smaller server, which can be upgraded at anytime. You must pre-define its location since we can not migrate servers from one data center to another.
Note that the credits amount required for resources will vary according to set thresholds. The smaller server is charged 150 per hour.

Live chat support

Live chat support

Use the window below to communicate with one of our agents.
Note: Please submit a support ticket for more complex issues; chat support is primarily for simple questions.

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