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Why choose Gandi for your hosting service?

The power of a dedicated server

Gandi provides the power of a dedicated server with the flexibility and reliability of a VPS.

If we look at the history of the hosting market, it all began with large dedicated servers that were out of the reach of many companies or individuals, who then turned to so-called "shared" hosting plans. As it turned out, the power of these plans did not match the needs of the demand, and so the market slowly turned to increasingly cheap dedicated hosting plan, though at the expense of quality.
Over the past 2 to 3 years, with the the arrival of modern hypervisors, VPS offers have taken the relay since they combine the abilities and stability of a dedicated server with the flexibility, security, and power of virtualization and its infrastructure. And of course, it is able to do so at an affordable price.

In 2007, Gandi's Research and Development team set out to create our own VPS service, one that would be based on the Xen open-source hypervisor.

We provide server shares that are dedicated, clearly defined, stable, and powerful. You can therefore determine the power that you need with precision and only spend what is strictly necessary. Even better, you may also redefine the power of your server in real time - when you want, without needing to stop it, and in only a couple of minutes. This type of emerging technology is often referred to as being a Cloud Infrastructure.

A Gandi VPS reacts just like a dedicated server that you created by yourself, though without having the hardware concerns. In our case, if there is a hardware problem, your VPS is instantly migrated to another machine, without any need for intervention or disruption in service. With regards to accessibility, as with a dedicated server, you have full autonomous control over your server and may configure it as you wish.

Finally, not only can the power of your VPS be scaled in terms of power, but also in terms of duration! If you need a lot of power over a short period of time, it just takes a few minutes to create your server or resize the one that you have. You will be billed accordingly, on an hourly basis, being debited via the 'on-demand' mode through your prepaid account or, thanks to Gandi credits, if you have purchased any (to benefit from the reduced price). And what if you want to stop your server and return to it later? We will only bill you for the resources used, which would be disk space and the reservation of your IPv4, that will let you come back when you want and wake up your server, so it will be ready to go right away!

For example, a server with one core, 512 MB of RAM and 20 GB of disk space will cost, in production, 212/hour, or €0.02/h or €15.12/month (in on-demand mode). If you stop this server, its hourly price then goes down to 65, or €4.68 month!

The best way to understand our unique system is to try it for yourself. There are too many advantages to be ignored: if you have never had a server at Gandi, we invite you to try one for free by configuring your server and then by clicking on the button to "get 30,0000 free!".

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