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Why choose Gandi for your hosting service?

Complete documentation

Regular updates

Our documentation is open and continually updated to reflect questions that our customers ask. We have many guides, videos, and other documentation to help you manage your online presence at Gandi.

Freely available community tools

Gandi is built around a community spirit, and the interaction between people. Because of this, a large portion of our online help is base on this principle. You have the ability to chat online with many other users of our services, who may have already encountered your problem and have found an answer. We offer several community-based tools to help you:

An IRC server

You have a constant link with other experts, as well as our team from time to time at #gandi on the Freenode network. (Direct access).

Interactive online documentation

Many guides have been added to our hosting wiki by Gandi.

A newsgroup / forum

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