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Why choose Gandi for your hosting service?

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud computing is the concept, but what does it mean?

Cloud computing or "Cloud Infrastructure" is a relatively new concept, promising increases in efficiency and convenience in pure computing services.

The concept is simple: concentrate the actual physical computing infrastructure in data centers, and give consumers access to it over the Internet. Let them rent small, flexible portions of it at low rates and for short periods, as needed.

How this affects you:

You can take advantage of the virtually unlimited resources and power of the cloud, using only as much as you need for as long as you need. This makes computing cost-efficient for you.
The machines you actually configure are "virtual" (they are actually programs running on much larger clusters of machines) and are resistant to failure through redundant componentry and failover.

Why Gandi offers Cloud Infrastructure:

We feel that the efficiency and power of the cloud is unmatched: so far it is the best available technology for web hosting, far superior "shared" hosting plans. It should be available to anyone, regardless of size, who has the need of a flexible, instantly scaleable computing resource. We want to offer that efficiency and reduced cost to our customers, and to be partners in your success.

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