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Web accelerator

A powerful cache system that also functions as a load balancer

We have made a modified version of the Varnish cache system that we use on our PaaS Simple Hosting platform. This is made available to you in the form of a very powerful web accelerator that you can use with your servers. It is capable of serving thousands of HTTP and HTTPS requests per second, and lets you provide a rapid and reliable web service for less cost.

And our web accelerator does not stop there: the cache system is capable of load balancing the same website among several servers.

By using it as a load balancer (for a web service only) you can build a complex (and complete) infrastructure thanks to our IaaS offer. You can connect up to 16 network interfaces (server + port) to your web accelerator and choose between 2 load balancing algorithms (Round Robin, or Client IP).

Also, the system contains a powerful system to test the health of the distributed servers (healthcheck), that is capable of testing their state, and removing them from the pool if necessary.

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