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Our commitments are written in black and white

It is important to understand that our cloud infrastructure provides us with exceptional security in terms of continuous service, notably in terms of material, because each unused resource is instantly replaced and in a completely transparent way. But because we have taken on the responsibility of being listed among the top hosting professionals, we provide a SLA (Service Level Agreement) contract which defines in a precise way what our service commitments are to you.
Like all things, information technology has its limits, even high technology. It's possible for material to break down, and we are aware that this can happen with ours. Nevertheless, at Gandi, we make it our number one priority to restore any affected services as soon as possible.

This is why we guarantee our customers that our infrastructure will maintain your online services at least 99.95% of the time, each month. If it ever occurs that we cannot maintain this service level, we will reimburse you for each day not complying with our commitment (or over 21 minutes of outage over one month).

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