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What is PaaS?

"Platform as a Service" is one of the latest developments in web technology. It means that you get the benefits of a server that is specialized in the performance of services that you install on it, but without the need to handle the actual management of the server's administration. It's the dedicated, specialized, and simplified version of our IaaS VPS server platform.

Concretely, you benefit from dedicated resources in the form of secure instances. Each instance has an environment that is optimized and ready to go. The entire system is based on our dynamic granular cloud infrastructure. Your instance can therefore be instantly adapted to meet your hosting requirements, with no need to migrate your data.

The other advantage of the use of a Cloud Platform for this type of service is the inherent security and reliability, which are nearly perfect, given the very conception of the service.

How it works

Each instance gets its own container that contains its database services, the program language interpreter, and its own web server.

Client requests arrive at a load balancer that distributes traffic to http proxies. These proxies benefit from a very efficient local cache: for each request, they verify whether or not there is a more recent version already in the cache. If it is present, the reply is automatically sent to the client. The cache's "time to live" depends on the "max-age" http header.

Otherwise, the proxy sends the request to the instance and then waits for the reply (the calculating of the web page) and then sends it to the client.

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