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Gandi Simple Hosting Wishlist

Our "wishlist" has been put in place to guide Gandi's development team relative to the needs of our current or future clients.

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FTP Accounts


Requested by Juanjo

Being able to have multiple FTP accounts, not just the "root" one. It's funny that normally you get one MySQL user and loads of FTP accounts, but here it's the other way around.

Rename vhost


Requested by

Possibility to rename a vhost, instead of deleting, create new and move files.



Requested by Barim White

Add a PaaS with Java Servlet (Tomcat or Jetty) + Mysql or PostgreSQL

Assign FTP users to vhosts


Requested by

If you could create ftp users with limited access to specified vhosts, it would be perfect for co-projects without giving muppets access to all your sites.



Requested by CedricA

Possibility to Copy/clone/rename an instance.

Rename an instance


Requested by Anael Favre

Add the possibility to rename an instance



Requested by CedricA

A monitoring tool for instances with email alerts should be usefull.



Requested by Fabd

It would be great to have rsync installed to be able to do differential backups or manage files on the server more easily.

Ssh permanent


Requested by al.jes

Allow to activate sash permanently

A system to backup database


Requested by Emmanuel

Via snapshot or other

other admin account


Requested by TeoL

It could be great to add another gandi account as administrator of the instance.

Host static files only


Requested by R03land

A simple and cheaper hosting just for static files. I have some domains that just need simple html files. No php/node/db/... needed.

Open the mysql server


Requested by benoit

On the same model of what is done for SSH, give a temporary external access to the database

Play Framework


Requested by hugo

Possibility to have a Play Framework instance

MySQL from outside


Requested by MT

Being able to connect to MySQL DB externally, with tools like MySQL Query Browser or Sequel Pro.

ApacheTomcat + PostgreSQL


Requested by Sean

This combination would provide PostgreSQL and the Apache Tomcat servlet container, for JSP and J2EE developers.



Requested by fatabbot

give access to Memcached



Requested by vtrone

Allow cgi

Python / Flask / NoSQL


Requested by CB10149-GANDI

Python + Flask microframework NoSQL database (mongoDB) or search engine (solr4)



Requested by JP

Perl counterpart to existing PHP and Python options.

A standalone PHP instance


Requested by LeDavid

Propose an instance with only PHP at a even better price



Requested by Olivier BOISSIN

Being able to create a SVN repository instance + managing membership with USVN

Multiple git repositories support per one vhost.


Requested by Sergey Brunov

It would be great to have *multiple* git repositories support per one vhost.

SSL for S-size Simple Hosting Instances


Requested by Pete S.

Currently SSL is only available for M-sized Simple Hosting instances and larger. It would be great if S-sized instances could also use SSL.

A standalone MySQL instance


Requested by korobkov

Propose an instance with only MySQL at a even better price



Requested by Rode

The ability to use Composer on simple hosting - fx. to install drush, for drupal.

JBoss AS7


Requested by Sean

JBoss AS7, with separate services available for each of AS7's 'domain' and 'standalone' modes

Drush Support


Requested by Jonny L

Install Drush to allow CLI control of Drupal sites. This is a powerful tool for the management of Drupal installations.

SSH Keys


Requested by hankf

Add simple hosting support for ssh keys so that passwords can be avoided for git, ftp, and ssh.

mod_pagespeed on apache


Requested by Tixiv

Hi! I would really like you guys to install mod_pagespeed on apache! I know varnish is in of the webserver, but those google guys already tought of that: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/module/downstream-caching?hl=en Peter

Python 3


Requested by achedeuzot

Everything is in the title. Py3k FTW !

bower, gulp, grunt & co. on PHP instances


Requested by Daniel

Compiling front-end assets using tools like less, sass, bower, gulp, grunt and similar tools has become an essential part of developing modern web applications. It'd be great if these tools were available/could be installed on PHP instances.

git submodules


Requested by lexoyo

We need git submodules to be able to push "real world" project

g++ and cgi-bin


Requested by Tom A.

My web site uses my own compiled C++ executables in a cgi-bin directory. The Linux server I'm on has gcc and all the usual development libraries installed, so it's simple for me to login via ssh and compile my code on the server. If that were possible in Simple Hosting I could migrate to Gandi right away.

Customize Apache log format


Requested by hank

The ability to customize the Apache log format using any of the supported Apache directives (http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_log_config.html), including %{Referer}i and %{UserAgent}i.

GeoIP for PHP


Requested by Brauch

Add the GeoIP PECL extension for PHP.

Dedicated IP address option


Requested by MarkXS

Allow assigning a fixed IPv4 address for a fee, similar cost as what shared hosts do. Especially important for SSL with the still-large number of Android 2.3 devices, which do not support SNI. Also for the out-of-support but still legion WinXP/IE8 base. But Android 2.3 low end devices are still being sold mid-2014 especially outside USA, and a Handing simple hosting secure site is totally inaccessible to them with Android browser, Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, because you don't even support a default SNI very to allow for the wrong-certificate error page warning to appear.

Python and PHP


Requested by Andrea

A unique instance that let you run both Python and PHP web applications together.

Default SNI certificate like shared hosts


Requested by MarkXS

Most shared hosts have a default SNI cert (see DreamHost as an example) which is presented to browsers on HTTP's requests if the browser does not have SNI support. Those include all Android 2.3 (still for sale) browsers, all Java 1.6x, all WinXP IE. Though Simple Hosting is not shared hosting, it is shared IP address. Thus the problem arises that those browsers/programs cannot reach a secure Simple Hosting site at all. Whereas at other hosts, for example again DH, a browse to https site gets a certificate response from what they call their SNI certificate. it's really their default certificate which only non-SNI clients get. That at least triggers the browser's wrong-cert warning with the user having the option to continue. Yes a risk, and "not the right security approach", but their are valid use case's where this is safe. Example: I know the site is hosted at Gandi , I am rarely using an oler Android or Windows device, I can make an informed decision to proceed despite the very mismatch, and I want to connect securely. Gandi Simple Hosting currently doesn't let that connection happen because you don't present a default certificate. Until and unless you start selling a fixed IP address option for Simple Hosting, there is a valid reason to allow this.

Automated app install


Requested by SusieQ

Automated app installs would be a nice feature (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc). I think this would be a good selling point for potential Gandi users that would just like to get up and go and would make my life a hair bit easier.



Requested by omar

Be able to use rsync on the simplehosting server for manual backups.



Requested by axpdreamer

would be nice to have a PaaS with working OpenVPN

ssh key


Requested by davidonet

record my public ssh key somewhere with git server so I can push and deploy with git more easily

node.js bootstrap


Requested by lexoyo

Node.js applications are run with "node server.js" command. The convention is to have a config file at the project root to specify what file to run, These files could be a good convention: * gandi.yml * Procfile (use forman) * package.json (npm)

Please consider installing Midnight Commander for SSH use


Requested by PS

Midnight Commander makes it much faster to do file and directory management (such as organizing files and directory structure), checking filesystem permissions, etc. Through the built-in editor (mcedit) it's also a great way to make last-minute minor changes to files such as .htaccess without the need to transfer them back and forth. % apt-get install mc

Continuous Integration


Requested by SPI

It would be great if we could have Jenkins or an equivalent CI environment running on the simple host.

Python virtualenv


Requested by GandyDancer

Virtual Python Environment builder - critical for moving Python projects from dev to production.

Apache PageSpeed Module (by Google)


Requested by Peter

I would really like if this Apache module would be installed. It would improve this hosting offer! We already have great caching, combined with the right content, it would be a blast! Those guys already thought of your problem 'how to configure this with varnish?'.



Requested by zoon

Dart (https://www.dartlang.org/) is getting serious server side. It now has connectors for Mysql, Postgres, MongoDB. It is a serious contender to Node.js, so please consider it.

Databases outside of the instance


Requested by Apercu

Would be awesome to access databases of any kind (Mongo, Mysql...) outside of an instance with a simple uri like already in place with Git or SSH. Really miss it for local dev work or tests.

Python 3


Requested by Toksyuryel

The option to use Python 3 instead of Python 2 would be greatly appreciated (leave the option to use Python 2 in as well, of course!)

Change access log format


Requested by anon

Combined. Would like the additional fields.

PECL uploadprogress library


Requested by Morten

The possibility to use PECL upload progress library as a shared php extension.

Apache Tomcat 6.0 ,Mysql 5


Requested by abhi

need apache tomcat 6.0 with mysql5



Requested by iane

It would be nice to be able to choose Cherokee over Apache. Or some other better performing web server, if that's not compatible.
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