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Gandi Simple Hosting Wishlist

Here is a list of the features that have been added following requests posted on the wishlist.

List of features that have been implemented

Ruby on Rails

Requested by Matthieu

A nice ruby on rails server would be awesome

SSH Access

Requested by Lapoz

Add the possibility to access the disk via SSH in order to be able to use SVN, mercurial or others


Requested by Narno

Add possibility to manage cronjobs on an instance

SSL certificate

Requested by Ralph

Possibility to add and parameter easily a SSL certificate on a domain


Requested by Michel

Add Git support to allow us to update data on the instance


Requested by Thor

Some python capability (with a preloaded and always up to date Django framework besides) would definitely be a great move forward.


Requested by phree

I wish for it

Php/PostgreSQL Instance

Requested by Cryde

Create a new instance with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL


Requested by chubako

Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, etc. There are very popular web frameworks based on Ruby, and it would be great to give us the chance of using any of them.

External SMTP

Requested by Renaud P.

Allow customers to use external SMTP

Instance PHP/MongoDb

Requested by will83

Add a PHP/MongoDB instance


Requested by JD

Add Django support

Add an API

Requested by Nico

Add an API to manage simple Hosting from outside

Node.js/MySQL instance

Requested by Ed

It's my favorite DB.

Remove vhost check

Requested by alexis

Remove txt vhost check when adding.

Ioncube Support

Requested by Archerfou

Ioncube libraries support on Simple Hosting instances.

MongoDB (with Node.js)

Requested by WellCaffeinated

That would be _awesome_.

Implémenter MongoDB

Requested by MongoDB

Implémenter MongoDB

nods.js and MongoDb

Requested by claudia

PHP with MongoDB is already on the wishlist. Having node.js with Mongo would be even better

PHP/MongoDB instance

Requested by Chris

A basic MongoDB/PHP instance would be lovely!

A free sub domain

Requested by TEOL

A free sub domain to test without having to move his domain first.

SFTP connection via a key

Requested by mitsu

Possibility to use a ssh key instead of a login/pwd

Python / Postgres

Requested by christophe

Python / Postgres
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