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Simple Hosting




-50% for domain customers*

Price excl. VAT/mo
Price excl. VAT/mo US$5.00US$10.00US$20.00US$30.00US$40.00
Estimated monthly pageviews 300,000 600,000 1,200,000 > 5,000,000 > 5,000,000
Estimated monthly traffic 60 GB 120 GB 250 GB 500 GB 1 To
SSL compatibility No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web accelerator Varnish cache is placed upstream of your instance to accelerate its display
Language PHP 7.1 or PHP 5.6
Database MySQL 5.7 (Percona Server) with no number or size limit
Multiple access GIT / SFTP / SSH console / API
Available services Automatic snapshots / Crontab / Website migration / Flexibility

* Only available for A, B, and C rates. One code per customer.

** 10 free days for your first instance.

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10 free days

Simple Hosting in detail


Platform as a Service means that you create your hosting environment by simply choosing the services that you want. We take care of all the rest.

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Instance Families

Choose the type of configuration that you want (PHP, Node.Js, or Python) and the desired database (MySQL, pgSQL, mongoDB), and you will have a dedicated instance that is ready to use.

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Power and limitations

You no longer need to worry about having enough power for your website! Gandi's Simple Hosting lets you scale the power of your hosting space instantly, without the need to transfer files.

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You can use your personal cloud hosting space for just one day, or for a whole year if you want, the choice is yours! And if you need more or less power, simply change the settings of your instance, and only pay for what you actually need.

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Keep a secure archive of older versions of your site, with the possibility of rolling back to an earlier version if you want.

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Integrate our PaaS seamlessly into your own architecture and use it directly or resell it to your customers.

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Starting with the M pack, you can easily set up a secure https:// address using your own certificates.

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Multiple access

Update your instance by SFTP, access your instance by SSH console, or publish your code via GIT: you are free to choose your preferred method.

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