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IaaS Wishlist

Here is a list of packages that have been added after being proposed in the wishlist.

List of developed packages

Additional IP addresses

Requested by ptitoliv

Please add the ability to buy additional IP addresses and attach them to servers.


Requested by webs

IPv6 because it's future


Requested by ptitoliv

Some monitoring graphics for customers (CPU usage, network status etc...)


Requested by Oggy

Subversion or CVS ?

Alert service

Requested by ptitoliv

An alert service to warn users when their servers are going critical (Like Nagios w/o SMS alert)

Database+config backup

Requested by David

Add a script to automatically backup databases and config files

Arch Linux ...

Requested by mok

A simple, lightweight linux distribution. Easy upgradable, 686 optimized, BSD spirit :) http://www.archlinux.org/

Console access

Requested by Laney

Sometimes things (networking) break. Having console access would make these things much easier to fix.


Requested by ptitoliv

A SafeMode to help people who kill their own server :)


Requested by Guillaume

OsCommerce and/or OsCss and/or.. Note from Gandi: A tutorial has been written to show you how to install osCommerce.

Dotclear 2.0

Requested by Suricat

Possibility to install Dotclear 2.0

Fedora 8

Requested by Sebastien G

Add Fedora 8 in addition to Fedora 7

Add extra RAM in option

Requested by Benoit

As it is possible for disk or IP now, add the possibility to get more RAM on a server

CPU Ressources

Requested by kosmo

Add more CPU per share (or have the possibility to add CPU in option)

Secure Awstat access

Requested by Rib

Could we have a login/password on the awstat directory ?

64 bits distribution

Requested by Pandark

Add 64 bits distributions

GD library

Requested by yarma

Possibility to add the GD library to PHP

Ruby & ROR

Requested by websylvain

Ruby and ROR framework with the possibility to install new plugins

apache + python

Requested by j.ducastel

Possibility to manage Python with Gandi AI


Requested by ptitoliv

Ability to manage Reverse DNS for each IP


Requested by etedernier



Requested by philgood

AWstats or Webalizer ...

Apache mod_rewrite module

Requested by mc

Essential module for PHP/MySQL applications.

Possibility to duplicate a server

Requested by plc

Add the possibility to duplicate a server


Requested by fg

Possibility to manage hosting via an Api

Suse Enterprise Server / RedHat Server

Requested by g33k00

I'd like to test commercial software from time to time which requires Either Novell Suse Enterprise Server (9, 10) or Red Hat Enterprise products.

Console access when server is down

Requested by hugo

No description.

Additional disk space

Requested by guido

Ability toorder extradisk spacewithout having to purchase additional 'shares' of the whole server. This can be useful for file or Web servers that store large amounts of data but have comparably low computational and bandwidth needs.

Ruby and Ruby on rails

Requested by i-jeanm


Alias server

Requested by atrepp

Possibility to configure alias on apache

Possibility to manage FTP account

Requested by jc

Possibility to manage and create ftp accounts

Snapshots LVM

Requested by pivert

Possibility to keep a snapshop

Possibility to resize a disk

Requested by Julien

Possibility to increase or decrease the disk size

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Requested by mrsynock

The new ubuntu version

stats awstats (update)

Requested by franck

Add keywords referer

Debian Lenny 5

Requested by jilome

Release possibility to use Debian 5

fail2ban in Gandi AI

Requested by altan

fail2ban in Gandi AI


Requested by Xavier

Automatic snapshots creation
Change the news ticker size