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What is Gandi's Mail Pack ?


When you purchase a domain name at Gandi, you get 5 free email mailboxes, 1,000 forwarding addresses, and an unlimited number of aliases with a combined total of 1GB of storage.

If you need more than that, you can subscribe to Gandi's Mail Pack. for $1.30 excl. VAT per month (A rates). This subscription immediately grants you an unlimited number of mailboxes, additional storage space and additional features:

  • Ability to use a wildcard in your alias addresses
  • Access to an automatic out-of-office reply

For more details on setting up and using Gandi's Mail Pack features, please see our Mail Pack wiki entry. http://wiki.gandi.net/en/mail

If you already have several Mail Packs at Gandi, we have added a new page that lets you see them all at a glance (domain, expiration date, auto-renew status and a management link):


This was in high demand by our customers and so we hope that it will now help you manage your Mail Packs more easily!


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