We have encountered an issue with the Gandi Blogs service this morning which is currently under investigation by our technical teams.


We apologise for any inconvenience.


Update 08:47 UTC (10:47 CEST):  The blogs service has been restored.



The Gandi Team

A fibre cut in New Jersey is affecting one of our international circuits between Paris and Baltimore.  The cut occured at just after midnight CEST (22:00 UTC).  Our suppliers are working to repair the break, but the local power company must repair damaged electrical infrastructure before the fibre resplicing can commence. 


The current estimate we have from our supplier for a time to repair is approximately 21h00 CEST (19h00 UTC).  We will update this notice regularly as we obtain more information.


Our other circuits are unaffected.


12:30 UTC : Our supplier has indicated that they expect to be able to start initial repair splicing on the severed fibre within the next two hours.


14:45 UTC : Fibre engineers have begun installing replacement fibres in the affected section.  They estimate approximately another three hours to complete resplicing work.

We have created a new style to add to our line of Gandi t-shirts: it is a light grey tanktop, which has been printed as a special limited edition of only 250 shirts.

And, since it has been designed especially for those of you who may prefer a less "geeky" style, we have also chosen a special new version of the Gandi logo :)

You are all invited to go check out the new shirts on this page, and grab yours before they are all gone!

We are currently experiencing a problem with the toolbar display on a large number of websites created with Gandi Sitemaker. Out technichians are on location and working to fix the problem. We will keep you informed as to the status of the situation.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvienence this may cause.


UPDATE: This problem, due to an Adobe library update, has been fixed and the service is running normally again.

05:55 CET:  We have encountered an issue with the Gandi Blogs.  The situation is currently under investigation by our technical teams.

We will provide further information as soon as possible.


Update 08:10 : The issue was found to be due to an anomalie with one of the storage systems for the blogs.  The problem has been corrected and the service returned to operation.

Due to a fiber cut in Paris, some domain registration activities may be unavailable or unresponsive as the registries concerned are not accessible via the internet or peering points.  Connections via the PANAP and SFINX peering exchanges are especially affected.  We are monitoring the situation and will update when we have more information.  (Note that this fiber cut has an impact on many providers, and not only Gandi.)


Update: 10:10 CET:  Connectivity restored for most peers at SFINX.  Panap still has several peers down.  Connectivity to registries should be operational now.

Due to a technical issue, DNS zone updates are not being processed since midday.  Our technical teams are investigating the cause of the problem and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Update: 14:00 CET :  The problem has been resolved.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on all of our edge routers on Monday 16 August from 00:00 to 03:00 GMT (02:00 - 05:00 CET/Paris).  During this window, each of our edge routers will be reloaded to upgrade the software with an expected outage of transit connectivity and peering on that router for up to fifteen minutes.  After each router has been reloaded, we will wait for traffic to stabilise across all routers before performing the operation on the next router.


Customers should not encounter any significant impact to Gandi services other than a brief interruption of traffic on directly affected internet paths as the traffic is rerouted through other connections. 


The Gandi Team


Updated: 06:30 16 Aug 2010:  The maintenance has been completed and all routers are now operating normally.


From July 3rd until July 5th at 9:00 AM Paris Time, our banking partener, CyberMut, encountered a problem in the payment validation process for all orders paid by credit card on our website during this period.

All payments that were made during this incident will be completed by early this afternoon. In the event that this problem persists, please contact our support team.

We apologize for inconvienence this may have caused.

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