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We have just reactivated the possibiliy of registering .ru domains. Following changes made by the registry, we were no longer able to provide this extrension.

Once your domain name has been registered, the administrative contact will receive an email that explains how to validate the owner information at the registry.

As a result of increasing levels of misuse of our Gandi Mail service, we are obliged to take immediate measures to protect not only our infrastructure, but also the integrity and quality of the Gandi Mail service for all of our customers.

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We have encountered an issue with one of our mailbox filers.  Maintenance is underway to correct the issue. A minority number of users may experience disruption of mail service during this maintenance.


We apologise for the inconvenience.




Update: 2010 03 09 / 12:45CET:   This maintenance has now been completed and the service is operating nominally.


If you were able to get a promo code on ten.gandi.net, but when you try to use it to register a domain you get an error message, please check that:


  • it has not already been used (found on Twitter for example),
  • you are trying to use it for an extension that is not participating in the promo
  • you are using this promo code before April 1st

If none of this applies to your case, then try again in two hours (the expiration time for an open session). If your code still does not work despite this, then please contact Gandi's support (and be sure to include your code in the mail).

Some customers may have experienced some degradation or a brief outage of the Gandi Mail service for mailboxes located on the affected switch module.  The Gandi Website may also have experienced slower performance.


The affected card was replaced and all services are now fully operational as of 19:54 CET.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we are investigating with our supplier as to the cause of the hardware fault.

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