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Kernel and Distribution Upgrades

The boot process for the latest distributions requires a recent  Linux kernel. Gandi's hosting platform currently uses 2.6.18-xenU, which is incompatible with distributions released in the end of 2009, such as Ubuntu Karmic. We are in the final beta testing phase of a new kernel that will allow you to perform the update without risk.

Therefore, please be aware that if you try to upgrade your server to one of these latest versions of your distributions before we implement the new kernel, that an incompatibility may arise. If this occurs, you will need to contact our support team so that your server can be rebooted.


We have been testing the new version of Gandi.net for the past few weeks/months so that the transition to version 3 would be as smooth as possible for everyone. Even though you may not always notice it, we have re-written a significant amount of code, and so there is the possibility that some new bugs might come up.

If you encounter a problem or detect a bug, please let us know, by sending us a mail to our customer care team with as much much detailed information as possible (operating system, web browser an version used, your Gandi handle, a screenshot, etc.). The contact form that you can access by clicking on the "support" button.


Following our Xen upgrade to 64 bits, we are now able to increase the number of maximum shares that can be attributed to a Gandi VPS from 16 to 24. You now have the possibility of creating a server with the following maximum specifications:

  • 6 dedicated cores
  • 6GB de RAM
  •  192 GB of SAS disk using RAID 60
  • 120Mbits of dedicated bandwidth

Following a change in the Chinese registry, which is (in)directly managed by the Chinese government, it is no longer possible for us to sell .CN domains.

After an initial change at the end of last year that surprised everyone in limiting purchase of these domains to companies only, the registry has just added a very clear and simple rule: in order to have stricter control over the domains that are sold, they simply and plainly forbid new registrations to registrars that are not Chinese!

Renewals and transfers do not appear to be concerned by this for the time being, though we are not immune to unwelcome surprises.

We will keep you informed as events unfold.

Gandi does not just limit its development of new extensions to European countries. If we get many requests for a particular extension and if it does not have major conditions along with it, then we will be happy to add it.

This extension is open to everyone, though you will be asked for a contact ID number for each owner contact

, depending on the type of the account. Individuals will need to provide their passport number; companies, associations, and public organizations will need to enter their business or association registration number.

.HK domains are available for €24 (£22, $35) excl. VAT under A rates. Note that transferring a .HK domain is more expensive (€60, $99, £60 excl. VAT) than a creation, though it adds a year to the expiration date.

You can see all .HK prices here


More information on the extension can be found here.

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