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Gandi Supports ADIE

Adie is an association that is well known as a public service to help people that are excluded from the traditional workplace and banking system to create their own employment through micro credit. Inspired by the work of Muhammad Yunus (2006 Nobel Peace Prize, the leading Bangladesh economist and entrepreneur that founded the Grameen Bank, the largest micro credit institution), the Adie association was created in 1989 by Maria Nowak with the aim of adapting the model to France and thus help people who are unemployed or on RMI.

Particularly efficient in third-world economies, micro credit has seen considerable success in Asia, Africa, and in Latin America. Today, millions of people around the world make a living thanks to this type of financing. Over the last fifteen years, micro credit has started to be introduced to industrialized countries in Europe and North America.

Since the creation of Adie, nearly 38,500 companies have been created, generating 46,000 jobs, thanks to over 46,700 credits granted. Back to the list
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