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canardpcCanard PC is the only weekly magazine devoted to PC videogames. Created in 2003 by former members of the editorial staff of Joystick magazine, it is an independent alternative to existing fodder specialized press.
Presse Non-stop was founded in October 2003 by five journalists specialized in videogames and new technology, who are former members of the editorial staff of Joystick magazine. It was created by them to build an autonomous publishing company that could guarantee the means necessary to work in the only acceptable way for them, that is to say, totally independently. Today, Presse Non-stop publishes Canard PC and the website http://www.canardpc.com.

Canard PC is the only weekly in France dedicated to videogames. With very little advertising, free from the usual “free samples” (CDs of DVDs) that are often the object of compromises between game creators and specialized magazines, Canard PC has a totally impartial, and willfully sarcastic view of recent developments in videogames and in the computer world in general. Launched in April 2006, Canardplus.com is a site for continually updated information on all aspects of videogames: breaking news, new releases, imports, game consoles, advice on computer hardware, etc.

GANDI has chosen to house Canard PC and Canardplus.com in its new facilities, and give them financial, technological, and moral support. This is our way of helping an alternative source of information, which does not treat its readers like animals sold by weight to bidders, or where the editorial line and quality are manipulated by omnipresent marketing.

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