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Gandi Supports Jamendo

jamendoBy offering a simple and powerful interface, enabling the free and legal exchange of music, Jamendo is positioned as an alternative to the current economic model, totally outdated by the arrival of the internet. Based on Peer-to-peer technology and the Creative Commons licensing scheme, it includes absolutely excellent artists.

A breath of fresh air

Jamando, launched in February 2005, may proudly announce that it is the first and largest legal platform of music downloads via P2P networks, thanks to Creative Commons licensing. It proves that peer-to-peer may be a new direction in the discovery and diffusion of artist’s works, who are increasingly embracing this technology.

Jamendo key figures: 1.5 million listeners per month, 250,000 full-album downloads per month, over 10,000 visitors per day, and on average 150 new posts daily on the forums, translated into 7 languages, over 1,530 artists, 565 hours of music available!

The number of albums present on the site has not stopped growing, since today, over 1,000 albums are available at http://www.jamendo.com, covering all musical genres, and coming from all different countries such as France, Spain, the United States, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Chile, Australia, and Israel. Over 15,000 people are already registered with the site, which can handle several thousand users per day.

Gandi is happy to participate in this adventure, notably by supplying the streaming servers and bandwidth, in addition to allowing you to visit this site under the best possible conditions… Back to the list
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