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Three types of SSL plans are available, depending on your needs.

  Standard SSL Pro SSL Business SSL
  More info More info More info
Multi-domain certificate Yes Yes
Some certificates give you the possibility of protecting several different domain names within the same certificate (3 to 20 domains).
Online validation Yes Yes Yes
Certificate validation is done directly online in a way that is rapid (under 24 hours on average).
Documents to be sent No Yes Yes
For the Pro and Business plans, depending on your status you will need to provided various documents by fax, mail, or file transfer.
Extended validation No No Yes
For the Business plan, certification is not limited exclusively to the sending of documentation. Additional procedures and checks will be performed.
99% recognition Yes Yes Yes
Our certificates are recognized by over 99% of all the web browsers available on the market (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
256-bit encryption Yes Yes Yes
Our certificates' encryption key is available at the maximum level of security supported by existing web browsers.
Possibility of 128 bits under SGC No Yes Yes
If your visitors mainly use old web browsers (Internet Explorer 5, etc.), we offer you the possibility of SGC-compatible certificates.
Compatible with accented domains. Yes Yes Yes
Our certificates are also available if your domain name has accented characters (when the extension allows it).
Financial transactions under warranty No from €10,000 to €250,000 maximum Maximum of $250,000
Depending on your sales volume, you also have the possibility of adding a financial warranty to your transactions.
"Green bar" feature No No Yes
Web browser creators have developed a standard that displays a green background for the URL of websites that have been classified as secure via an intensive verification process. This type of system tend to reduce phishing attacks.
Maximum registration period 3 years 2 years 2 years
This is the period during which you can pay for your certificate. You are free to regenerate it as often as you would like over the period.
Possibility of protecting all of your... Yes Yes No
With the Standard and Pro plans, you can choose a plan that lets you secure all of your domain's subdomains (www.example.com, admin.example.com, payment.example.com, etc.)
30-day money back satisfaction guarantee Yes Yes Yes
In the event that you did not need your certificate, we will give you a full refund within 30 days of your order's validation.
Price per year (starting from) Included with your domain name (*) US$47.00 + VAT US$360.00 + VAT
* The first year is included for free with the purchase, or transfer of your domain name. US$16.00 excl. VAT per year. Offer valid through December 31st 2017.

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