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Documents and SSL links

Legal documents
Our SSL registration contract is available here.

In the case of a Gandi Pro Certificate, the financial guarantees and mechanisms are described in this document.
We will forward information about the contact requesting the SSL certificate to the Certification Authority. The CA will call you in order to validate the contact information, so you must be listed in a phone book as explained here.

In the case of a Gandi Business SSL, validated by the company Comodo, you will need to fax the following 5 documents to +1-866-446-7704 (U.S. and Canada) or +1-801-303-9359 (Worldwide):

Technical documentation
If you have questions pertaining to how Gandi works as a Certification Authority, all of the technical processes are available in our Certification Practice Statement

Download the intermediary certificates:

In the event of a non-SGC Comodo Business Certificate, you will also need to have a intermediate certificate.

Revoked certificates
The list of certificates that have been revoked (CRL) is available at the following addresses:
The list of revoked certificates is also available via OCSP protocol. Our server is located at the following address: http://ocsp.gandi.net

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