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Welcome to our Customer Care contact page! Please fill out the following form to send your question to our support team. All answers will receive a reply as soon as possible (generally under 24 hours M-F).

We recommend that you consult our online documentation before asking your question, as your question is probably already answered there!

Help us help you!

If you couldn't find your answer by searching our wiki, please try to follow these tips when contacting our support team:
  • If you are receiving an error message, it helps if you include the exact text of the error and a brief description of the steps you took before receiving it.
  • While we're happy to guide you, we cannot make changes on your behalf for security reasons.
Note that you should receive an automatic confirmation email containing a ticket number shortly after submitting the form on this page. Feel free to reply to this email with additional information about the issue if needed (screenshots, etc), or if your issue has been resolved.

If you don't receive this automatic reply, please check your spam filter, or ping us @gandibar @gandibar.

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