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Gandi Supports Debian

debianThe Debian project is an association of individuals that share the common goal of creating an open-source operating system that manages resource databases and allows launching applications. Debian systems currently use the Linux kernel.

Hard work has paid off

Debian was launched in August 1993 by Ian Murdock, as a new distribution that would be developed openly, in the same spirit as Linux and GNU. Debian had the reputation of being carefully and conscientiously created, and is maintained and supported with just as much care. The project began with a small but tight-knit group of open-source software hackers, and gradually grew to become a vast and well-organized community of developers and users.

Even though no exact figures are available (since Debian does not ask users to register), there are many signs that indicate Debian is used by a large number of organizations, both small and large, as well as several thousand individuals. Feel free to visit their website at http://www.debian.org/

Gandi is one of those participating companies, and so it is only logical that we should try to help them. We do so notably financially, as a major sponsor, and by hosting the annual conference that brings together all the Debian developers. Back to the list
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