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Gandi Supports DotClear

dotclearKudos for a team, and a high-quality free project in the French language. Dotclear enables you to publish your blog on the internet in few clicks, whether you are a beginner or an expert, an individual or a business.
DotClear was created in 2003 to supply a blog-creation tool that would be accessible to everyone and yet would be independent of proprietary solutions that are hosted and operated in closed networks.

In a short time, a small team of enthusiasts (developers, GUI specialists, artists) got together to provide support and development of a project of professional quality.

Of course, partly due to the nature of the project itself (open-source), dozens of people also actively contribute to the creation of plug-ins, themes, and user assistance, and participate in its current success.

DotClear has only one goal: to provide an easy yet powerful tool for personal expression, to the largest number of people possible. The fact that it is freeware and conforms to many norms (standards, accessibility) is evidence of that.

DotClear currently has tens of thousands of users, making it one of the leading free blogging tools, which also happens to be made in Europe.

Besides the many individual users, it is also used by a growing number of organizations, from France Television to Mozilla Europe, to Opquast, who use its functions to meet the demands in terms of live broadcasting, and who have shared values with this project.

Gandi has chosen to help DotClear, notably by hiring the project’s creator (Olivier works on various projects, including his own), and by supplying the servers and their hosting, and by supporting certain key elements (themes, customer support…) so that their success may not just continue, but grow.

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