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Downloadable forms

Below is a list of .pdf forms that are available to you for operations that you cannot do online directly via your Gandi handle because of special procedures, or you have lost access to your account.

E-mail address change of a Gandi handle

Remember, if you urgently need to renew a domain but you are locked out of your account, you can renew with a new handle.

This form is only to be used if you have forgotten the handle's password, and its current e-mail address is incorrect.

Early deletion of a domain

There is no need to submit this form to delete your domain.

At Gandi, domains will be automatically deleted if not renewed, as we do not force any sort of tacit renewal. This form is used only if you must delete the domain before its expiration date for some special reason.

Special owner change

When not possible online, there will be some forms that are required.

Please see our wiki page for special owner change procedures for the necessary instructions and forms depending on the extension.

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