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Not to be confused with .shop, .shopping is now entering the GoLive phase, when it will be open to all for $38.35 per year* at A rates.

Nothing is more synonymous with .shopping than buying something. So shopping for your .shopping domain is like meta-shopping.

If that didn't blow your mind too much, search for your .shopping domain below.

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* Prices in USD. See .shopping for local prices.

Grab your bag and get your wallet, it’s time to do some .shopping. Especially if you have a TMCH claim because the latest e-commerce oriented TLD, .shopping, is in the Sunrise phase from July 19 through September 17, 2016. Domains bought in the Sunrise phase are now available for $150.60 per year.

But smart shoppers know that for hot-ticket items, it pays to show up early. Well, even though .shopping doesn’t enter the GoLive phase until September 28, 2016, when .shopping domains will be available for $38.35 per year at A rates, there’s still a way of lining up outside the door: pre-register your domain in the GoLive phase (and you don’t even have to pitch a tent). When the GoLive phase begins, we will submit your registration automatically.

Or if you’re worried the .shopping domain you want might fly off the shelf and are willing to pay a higher price to get just the right one, consider pre-registering now (or registering later) in the Landrush phase. This phase only lasts between September 25, 2016 and September 28, 2016 and registrations will go for $170.60 per year at A rates on a first-come, first-served basis.

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