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Gandi user testimonials

"Gandi are a white-hat registrar, very proactive against abuse. Also vital in this litigious world, as Gandi is based in France they do not recognize US court orders to hand over domains and so are a safe place to keep domains out of the reach of miscreants abusing US courts"
Steve Linford, Spamhaus

"... so carry on this good work, responsible and ethical for your client and for the web community (see fight against domain abuse and spams) ! I appreciate the "always good mood under any circumstance" of Gandi's team. Thanks for that, and all the job done. Gandi, we love you!"

"I am writing this post today to congratulate Gandi’s team for its rapidity, efficiency and for being patient and taking the time to respond to all emails requests. Many registrars, internet access and mobile companies should be inspired and do the same..."
René Garmy

"Regarding the forwarding service, I was dreaming about it and Gandi did it. GREAT!! And a special thanks for the team to have thought of it and to have simply made it possible and so easy to use"

"Sincere congratulations to all the new services that Gandi’s team are constantly putting together"

"...It’s all about the cool atmosphere of this company, the "Gandi attitude", their quality of service, like many others... I am so happy to be one of their customers"

"Well done this new interface! Very esthetic and so user friendly!! And thank you so much for supporting great innovative and alternative projects that really deserve to be in the spotlight"
le Monolecte

"I was already very satisfied with Gandi’s spirit and quality of services, my feelings are now definitively reinforced with the launch of their new services"

"If there is one model to follow: Gandi’s and no others. 100% reliable. Simply Great. A happy customer."

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