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Subscribe to a Corporate pack

There are two main ways to purchase a Corporate subscription.

If you have a specific, short-term need for TLDs that are reserved for Corporate services members, you can purchase a temporary subscription for up to three months, during which time you will have access to these extensions. Once the domain name is in your account, you will be able to manage and renew the domains you register with reserved extensions, even after the temporary subscription expires. You will not be able to buy new domain names under these extensions after the temporary corporate subscription expires, however.

For more long-term, general needs, an annual subscription lets you register domains and purchase services "à la carte," allowing you to choose specific services at a cost that matches your needs and budget. For details about our specific Corporate services, please see our Corporate service catalog.

If you have already identified your needs and know what services you want to order from the "à la carte" menu, just contact our service team. We will help you finalize the details of your implementation, co-ordinate the service delivery, and provide the necessary contracts.

The Corporate Pack alone is enough

Do you need to register domain names with extensions reserved for Corporate services members? You can purchase a temporary subscription. Select the desired subscription length below, and you can register as many domains as you want during this period. Any domain names you aquire remain yours and can always be renewed, even after the temporary subscription expires.

I would like a more comprehensive offer that better fits my needs

You can use this page to get a rough estimate of your costs. If you want someone to contact you directly, or if you more or less know what your needs are, you can leave your contact information and our team will quickly respond.

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Live chat support

Live chat support

Use the window below to communicate with one of our agents.
Note: Please submit a support ticket for more complex issues; chat support is primarily for simple questions.

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