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It's a full Wednesday indeed, with no less than eight more new gTLDs entering General Availability! \o/

The list follows, including links to the corresponding pricing pages and the GoLive price at A rates:

The exact times the gates will open on these TLDs is as follows (PST) [UTC]:

  • 8am [15h00]: .JETZT
  • 9am [16h00] : .CONDOS, .MAISON, .PROPERTIES and .TIENDA
  • 10am [17h00]: .FUTBOL, .REVIEWS and .SOCIAL

If you want to register a domain under one of these extensions before anyone else, and you're reading this before GoLive begins, we strongly encourage you to submit your pre-registration now, and the Gandi robot will submit your order to the registry at the earliest possible moment.


Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:

The über deutschen new gTLD .JETZT is now available in Sunrise at Gandi at a price of $173.73 (A rates). The Sunrise phase will last until 2 June 2014.

General Availability is scheduled to begin 4 June 2014, after which a .jetzt will cost $23.81.

.jetzt is a generic extension that means "now" in German.

Register a .JETZT?:


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