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Three TLDs, three letters each, under three dollars, three operations. One price. And all of that starting March 1, 3/1.

Creations, transfers, and renewals will all be $2.50 for .men, .bid, and .win starting March 1 and going ... until further notice.

So get yours (or transfer or renew) while you can.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


*Price in USD. See individual TLD price pages for local pricing.

At 08:00 Pacific time (why not half past 10, we'll never know), September 16th, it will officially be true that .MEN (domains) will be generally available. It won't be true before then. It will be true forever after.

If .MEN (domains) are your thing, this is your chance! Pick one up (as it were) for a mere $41.37, at A rates. 


Registrer a .MEN ? :


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