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Tomorrow (Tuesday, 6 May), .QPON is entering General Availability.

There was no Landrush for this extension! That means a veritable goldmine of domain names is available, beginning Tuesday 5 May at 8am PST sharp (15:00 UTC).

If you're reading this before then, and you want a .QPON domain but have not yet pre-registered, now is the time! We will submit pre-registrations at the earliest possible moment.

Pre-registrations are the same price as registrations, and you will be refunded in the event the domain cannot be successfully registered.

The price of a one-year registration or pre-registration is $19.72 at A rates.

So what are you waiting for?


[Pre]Register a .QPON:


It's Tuesday, which means another batch of new gTLDs in Sunrise at Gandi, including the much-anticipated .wiki.

All of today's new extensions are now available for Sunrise registrations (read: TMCH trademark holders only), but also for Landrush and GoLive pre-registrations, which we will submit on your behalf at the beginning of the corresponding phase.

The list of extensions follows, accompanied by the link to the corresponding TLD pricing page, the Sunrise price, the GoLive date and GoLive price:

  • .DATING:               $171.68 | 11 June: $63.04
  • .EVENTS:              $158.68 | 11 June: $38.34
  • .INK:                      $135.96 | 23 June: $31.90
  • .PARTNERS:         $171.68 | 11 June: $63.04
  • .PRODUCTIONS$158.68 | 11 June: $38.34
  • .PUB:                     $124.68 |  9 July:   $24.44
  • .QPON:                   $19.72  |  6 May:   $19.72
  • .WIKI:                     $135.96 | 26 May:  $31.90

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