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We're celebrating Cyber Monday all this week and into the next with this 80% off sale on appropriately wintery TLD .ski, organic non-GMO TLD .bio and brutalist TLD .archi.

Starting Monday November 28 and going until November 30, 2016 at 3:59 PM PST .ski and  .bio domains will be available for just $10.00 per year* and .archi will be available for just $16.00 per year*.

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*Prices in USD. See .ski, .bio and .archi pages for local prices.

As the snow recedes from the mountains and the snow machines can’t quite keep up, here’s one more chance to get in some time at the virtual slopes of .ski : from March 21 until March 31, .ski domains will be 50% off. That means they’ll be available for just $24.16 for first-year registration(versus $48.31 usually).

And with that receding snow, it’s time for gardeners and farmers alike to start planting vegetables. For bio-friendly food producers, that makes now no better a time to plant the seeds of a .bio domain, also 50% off from March 21 to March 31, 2016 (at midnight UTC). The means .bio domains, normally $63.96 per year at A rates will be available for just $31.98 for first-year registration.

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We are already halfway through the 2016 Alpine Skiing World Cup finals in St. Moritz Switzerland, with just the Giant Slalom and Slalom events to go, and so there’s no better time to get in the spirit and run an excellent promo on .ski domains.

You can be a part of the excitement and you don’t even have to clear any gates.

From today until March 20, 2016 at midnight Swiss time, .ski domains will be available for $8.00 per year (normally $48.31 per year at A rates).

Do you like to .ski?


Today, the registry StartingDot is opening up registration of two-character domains on it’s three TLDs .archi, .bio and .ski.

Not sure what two-character domain you want?

With two characters you can just strip away all those extra, useless characters and focus on the relationship between the dialogue between just those two. What’s their history? What interesting conflicts or harmonies arise between them? With .archi, .bio and .ski domains now you decide.

Even though the rules are loosening for domains in these TLDs by allowing two-character domains, keep in mind that there are still some extra rules for .archi. Be sure to check them out.

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Our 80%-off sale last week on .ski and .bio domains is over, but we have got some fresh powder for your slopes and some more all-natural 100% organic, No Bullshit brand fertilizer for your crops: .ski and .bio domains are still on promotion, now for 50% off. So if you missed last week’s promotion, it’s not too late.

From now until the afternoon of Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2:59 PM PST (and what's a more romantic gift than matching .ski and .bio domains?), .ski domains will be available for $15.99 (normally $31.98 at A rates) and .bio domains will be available for $31.98 (normally $63.96 at A rates).

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It may only be the beginning of September and so the end of the summer, but we're already thinking about the slopes (and hopefully El Niño brings us some good snow this year) with .ski entering the GoLive phase.

Of course, we were also thinking about pierogis and polkas when we announced that this TLD would be entering the Sunrise phase back in July. We thought this TLD could also be a great way for any Gandiens to show their love for all things Polish.

Either way you crack it, .ski is now in the GoLive phase and open to anyone for $48.31 per year at A rates.

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After the recent release of .tirol, another new gTLD has entered the Sunrise phase to remind us in the middle of summer to be ready for winter: .ski.

But with its release in the Sunrise phase so close to July 4th, we're more inclined to think of how great this extension would be for honoring Polish-American Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski than snowy mountains (though we would be remiss not to mention waterskiing). And of course, Pulaski isn't the only Polish name ending in .ski, so the field is open for all the Kowalskis, Kaminskis, Wisniewskis, Jankowskis of the world.

Bonus points for any -skis with a ski shop, or chalet.

The .ski extension will be in the Sunrise phase from July 1 until August 30 and a two-year registration at A rates will cost $172.99.

At the same time, an LRP (Limited Registration Period) Landrush reserved for winter sports professionals affiliated with organizations registered with the .ski registry (see here). The price for a two-year registration in this LRP Landrush phase will be $114.19 at A rates.

Finally, .ski enters the GoLive phase on September 8, at which point it will be available for a one-year registration for $48.31 at A rates.

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