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As a truly international company, Gandi has accepted payment, across all of our business units, in Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, and more recently New Taiwan Dollars, Chinese Yuan and Swiss Francs, via credit card, bank transfer and PayPal.

But we think of ourselves first and foremost as a member of another community that's separate from the mechanisms of financial markets and which transcends national boundaries. Yes, we come from France originally, we have offices in Luxembourg, Taiwan and the US, but at heart, we are citizens of the Internet.

So that's why we're excited to join other progressive vendors of online services in helping our customers break their dependency on both big banks and fiat currency by adding payment by Bitcoin—the only currency guaranteed by an international series of tubes—to the payment methods we accept.

So, to use Bitcoin to pay for your next purchase from Gandi, you will just need to select "BTC" as the payment method. You'll then be redirected to our Bitcoin partner's site where you'll get a QR-code to scan in order to complete payment.

You can also add funds to your prepaid account via Bitcoin. Our provider will make the conversion for us to the currency you use for your account.

Questions? We're @gandibar on Twitter, and our support team is here to help.

Sometimes, when we're feeling lonely and our miniature horses are mad at us, we like to think about the personalities of each of the letters of the alphabet.

There's A, for example: always has to be first in line. Can't let anyone forget it. Type A, 100%, 4.0 GPA, squeaky clean. F which just doesn't seem to care. Poor grades, flunking out, it doesn't give two F-words. Even pronouncing it is like trying to make another, better sound but giving up.

But ever notice all the cool letters hang out at the end of the alphabet? X, Y, and Z are the cool kids. Like hat-backwards-sunglasses-leather-jacket cool kids. Which is why .xyz is so great.

With the end of September we just wrapped up a great promotion on .xyz domains, but don't feel too bad if you missed out on this deal because from October 1 through December 31st, 2015, you can pay just $5.00 for the first year of a new .xyz domain.

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Is there a web developers month? Maybe we ought to declare October web developers month. Not only does a great promotion on .host start this month, but another great promotion runs this month that would be perfect for developers: .site.

Whatever type of .site you specialize in (even if you don't actually design sites but just customize templates … shhhh we won't tell), this month's promotion lets you purchase a .site for just $1.99 per year (normally $34.87) at A rates.

The promotion on .site is for the month of October only. So get yours before heading out to trick-or-treat this October 31st.

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We were disappointed to realize on Wednesday that with the coming (and going) of the Autumnal Equinox, summer is officially over. Summer, like phone batteries, sleep, weekends, and our rapidly fading youth, is one of those things that just doesn't last long enough.

That's why we're resolving now to seize the day. We'll run around in the sunshine while the warm weather lasts, call our moms and tether simultaneously before our phone batteries die, sleep in and turn off the alarm tomorrow, and party all night Saturday and then get day-drunk on Sunday to make the most our weekends.

And in the spirit of carpe diem, while the glorious month of September still holds out, we're offering a promotion you won't want to let slide through your fingers like the slippery sands of time: .com domains will be available for 50% off—that's $7.75 per year versus the regular $15.50 at A rates—from September 28* until 2:59 pm PDT on September 30, 2015 (the last minute of the month in Paris).

If you've ever dreamed of owning a .com domain, seize the day today. Summer may be over, your phone may be dead, the weekend gone, and your youth pitifully wasted on anxiety and regret but while September is still here, so is this deal.

* Corrected 9/30/15 to clarify this promotion began September 28.

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If you haven't bought your .tickets, yet, thankfully you don't have to hit up Craiglist or the shady guy on the corner with a cardboard-and-sharpie sign. Not only that, but instead of huge mark-ups, now that .tickets is in the GoLive phase, it's only $486.19 per year at A rates (they were $1242.19 in the Landrush phase).

.tickets go on sale in the GoLive phase starting Tuesday September 21, 2015 at 7:00 AM PDT.

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In the beginning, there was just one line. And you were either on it or off it. Then, with telephones, you could start connecting lines, and modems starting bringing us all online and what used to be one line became a web. Today there are literally millions of criss-crossing, intersecting "lines." It's harder now to be offline than online.

Online dating, for example, has been a favorite subject of sensationalized media for upwards of twenty years now but how many relationships don't have an online component? How many partners never send each other emails or tag each other in social media posts? The number is dwindling by the day.

And you don't have to work remotely anymore to work online. In some places, the virtual office space is larger than the real one.

Which is why there's no better time to be .online.

For this GoLive, we're bringing .online online with a sweet promotion: .online domains will be discounted to $12.49 per year at all rates from 9:00 AM PDT on August 26, 2015 until 2:00 PM PDT October 25, 2015, at which point .online domains will go back up to their normal price of $51.67 per year (at A rates).

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Entering the Donuts EAP for previously protected name collision domains are domains in a gTLD category that has a familiar ring to it : Fun & Generic. We had to wrack our brains to think of where we'd heard that one before but then we remembered! That's how we described ourselves on our online dating profile.

Anyway, here's the list of the extensions that qualify as Fun & Generic, many of which we may consider for the next revision of the dating profile.

The pricing for this is a little tricky, but here's how it goes:

Day 1 (6/24/2015 at 16:00 UTC) : +$12,667; approximately
Day 2 (6/25/2015 at 16:00 UTC) :   +$4,222; approximately
Day 3 (6/26/2015 at 16:00 UTC) :   +$1,778; approximately
Day 4 (6/27/2015 at 16:00 UTC) :      +$945; approximately
Days 5 through 7 (from 6/28 at 16:00 UTC until 6/30 at 16:00 UTC) : +189; approximately

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To  celebrate its first anniversary, Nominet is having a lovely promotion :  50% off new 1-year registrations from June 10th to July 31st (that's only £2).

During this period, Nominet will also be having weekly prize draws on newly-registered domains with prizes valued up to £1,000.
If you're among the 55% of small businesses in UK that does not have a web presence, this is the right time to start and get your .UK!


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Like we say here at Gandi: It's Thursday! (aka No-pants Thursday :))


So, this Thursday, June 4, starting at 9:00am PST, these extensions for "grownups" will be in  GoLive phase. Now, by “grownups”, we mean that the .ADULT and .PORN extensions are geared towards those that are, umm, well, mature or “of age” (some would say). :D


Without a doubt, however, this “grownup” corner of the internet has played a significant part in it’s growth, which is why, during the GoLive phase, you’ll get spanked with a $116.16/yr registration price. And you can bet that there’s a nice list of “premium” domains (where a particular interest in association with a domain name will be much more expensive). Obviously, we will not give any examples here but if you are a company or public figure of any kind, you might want to get some protection.



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Two new TLDs are entering GoLive this Wednesday, May 6th : .sale and .video and together they remind us of that old-media standby: the video store. Video stores are due for a retro-chic revival. It happened with record stores. In the 90s the failing record store became a cliché but somehow, improbably, with the growth of the internet, vinyl became hip again. The time is ripe for VHS to do the same.

So let's make today Video Store day. Celebrate the kitschy quality of magnetic tape and go out and buy a video and then register a .sale domain for one year for $38.33 and a .video domain for one year for $28.83, all at A rates.


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