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Just like tomorrow is always a day away for little orphan Annie, for a gambler, that big jackpot is just a hand, a pull of the lever, a roll of the dice or a spin of the wheel away. That’s what’s so great about gambling: it always gives you hope that you get lifted out of your meager existence by a benevolent millionaire and win big.

Which is why it’s great that as of March 3, 2016, .bet is in the GoLive phase. Now you can bet on a quality domain name for only $20.79 a pop (per year at A rates). You could be a big winner! (in that you’ll have registered a cool domain name). It's only a click away.

So are you feeling lucky?

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What were the odds? We're not sure. But if you are, perhaps you care to make it interesting with a .bet domain, entering the Sunrise phase as of 8:00 AM PST today, January 5, 2016.

If you really want to hedge your bets on the .bet of your choice and have a TMCH claim to back it up, domains in this extension will be available for $102.87 in the Sunrise phase, which lasts until February 4, 2016.

Then, if you're feeling lucky, register in the Landrush phase, which opens February 11 at 8:00 AM PST, now. In this phase, domains go for $2754.19 per year. Landrush closes on February 12 at 7:59 AM PST.

Finally, if your odds are good that your domain will remain unclaimed in either Sunrise or Landrush, this extension enters the GoLive phase on March 3 at 8:00 AM PST at a price of $20.79 per year at A rates.

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