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If you own a .info domain name, now's the time to renew it and if you've ever wanted a .info domain name, now's the time to get it. The reason is on July 1, 2017 at midnight UTC (which means June 30, 2017 at 5:00 PM PDT), prices on .info will be increasing by approximately 12% for all operations.

That means that, for example, a new .info domain at A rates will increase from the current price of $16.55* to $18.54*, the same for renewals.

*Prices in USD. See .info page for local prices


We are starting off the year summer right, with a virtual explosion of colorful extensions (and then some) on promotion from now until June 30 December 31, all of them 50% off.

First, here are our deals on as many colors as you can find in a New Year's July Fourth fireworks display:

.black on sale for $28.63 per year (normally $57.25).
.blue on sale for $8.16 per year (normally $16.31).
.pink on sale for $8.16 per year (normally $16.31).
.red on sale for $8.16 per year (normally $16.31).

And bringing all the colors of the rainbow together, we also have a great deal on .lgbt:

.lgbt on sale for $28.63 per year (normally $57.25).

Going one further with diversity, we are also offering deals on

.kim for people and families whose surname is Kim, for $8.16 per year (instead of the usual $16.31)


.shiksha, which is for the culture of writing and phonetics of one of six forms of Sanskrit Hindu. Domains in this extension will be available for $8.16 per year (instead of $16.31).

Next, representing at least the black and the red:

.poker is on sale for $28.61 per year (instead of $57.22).

Then there are a couple of TLDs on sale which don't really have a direct relationship to colors and diversity, but are for areas we would certainly hope are diverse:

.pro for professionals is on sale for $10.00 per year (instead of $20.00).
.info for information of course is on sale for $4.97 per year (instead of $9.93).

Finally, rounding out the list are two TLDs that are focused on mobile technology:

.mobi for $9.00 per year instead of the usual $18.00.
.移动 (Chinese for "mobile", punycode .xn-6frz82g) for $8.16 per year rather than the usual $16.31.


*And now also: .promo domains are $9.70 per year instead of the usual $19.40.


So, how about one last champagne toast can of beer? To good deals on domains in 2016!

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


Good news for infomaniacs! The .info extension is on sale!

Infomania is a compulsion to constantly verify and collect information often using the Internet. While sure, it must have existed in past centuries and millennia, infomania strikes us as a uniquely modern obsession to which we all sometimes succumb.

Quick: what's your best friend from elementary school's Facebook status? Who was Philip Barton Key? What's the phone number of the nearest Mexican restaurant? How long would it take to drive to Yosemite from your house? If you can't help but look these things up, then you too might have infomania.

For all things info, there's .info, available until the end of the year, December 31, 2015, for 40% off: that's $9.93 for a one-year registration instead of $16.55 at A rates.

Register a .info?


The old gTLS registries have started to make this something of a habit, raising their prices in turn.

2015 was no exception to the rule, with a price increase of approximately 10%. The first one to rise will be .INFO, which will go from €12.57 to €14 excl. VAT under A rates, on May 1st.

Concerning .ORG, this extension's price will increase on August 1st, going from €12.97 to €14 excl. VAT for creations for one year.

There are other price modifications for other operations tied to these extensions, such as transfers, renewals, and restorations. These new prices will also take effect on the extensions' respective price change date. Here is a recap of these new prices, for A rates:

As of May 1st for .INFO, and August 1st for .ORG:

     creation: €14 excl. VAT/year
     renewal: €14.46 excl. VAT/year
     transfer: €11 excl. VAT
     restoration: €101.03 excl. VAT

As we like to advice our customers in this type of situation, please don't hesitate to renew your "key" domains before the increase. Keep in mind that both .INFO and .ORG can be registered for up to 10 years.

From now until December 31st, 2011, .info creations for one year will be 50% off the normal price in all rates. For example, this means that creations under A rates will be $7.50 (£5, or €6) excl. VAT, and $4.15 (£2.50, or €3.10) excl. VAT under E rates.

See complete .info prices at http://www.gandi.net/domain/price/detail/info/

This promo is only valid for the first year. Renewals and transfers are not subject to this registry promotion.

Affilias, the .info registry will be raising prices starting July 1st 2011 by nearly 10%. This being said, they are maintaining the promo on creations until January 1st, 2012.

Consequently, this price increase will be applied at Gandi beginning on July 1st 2011 on renewals, and probably starting January 1st 2012 for creations.

For those who are interested, we will be having a -15% promo for 2-year renewals of .INFO domains until the month of June 2011. As a reminder, a .INFO can only be registered for a maximum of 10 years. 2-year renewals will be billed €20.40 excl. VAT instead of €24 excl. VAT until July, and then €25 excl. VAT after that date.
The renewal prices (excl. VAT) for .INFO domains starting July 1st will be:

  • $15 (£10 or €12.50) in A rates
  • $14 (£9 or €11.40) in B rates
  • $12.30 (£8 or €9.50) in C rates
  • $10.30 (£6 or €7.90) in D rates
  • $8.30 (£5 or €6.30) in E rates

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