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It's always with great remorse that we make this type of announcement but effective 23 January 2017, in order to comply with our contractual obligations, we have increased registration and renewal prices on 76 TLDs, on all price grids.

The reason for the price increase largely has to do with the fact that we pay most new gTLDs in US Dollars and exchange rates have recently fluctuated such that we were compelled to increase rates on affected TLDs.

Generally, we don't adjust our prices based on minor exchange rate fluctuations, however the variations this time were too significant to be able to avoid adjusting our rates. So it's out of necessity that we are notifying you of the following new rates on the following TLDs:

Taxes are not included in the above prices, which unless otherwise indicated, apply both to renewals and creations.

Besides the TLDs listed above, the following TLDs are also impacted, though only in grids B through E:

.asia, .org, .ag, .tv, .tel, .ws, .mobi:

  • Grids B and C: +10% on transfers only
  • Grids D and E: +10% on all operations

One last TLD, .biz, is also impacted but only on Grid E. The prices for all operations have been increased by 10%.

PIR, the registry of the classic .org TLD, will be applying a price increase on all .org domains starting August 1, 2016 at midnight UTC.

For Gandi customers, this means a price increase of $0.53 on all operations, including registrations, transfers, and renewals, bringing the annual price at A rates from $16.67 currently to $17.20.

So if there’s a .org you've always had your eye on, if you’ve thought about transferring one in to Gandi before, or especially if you have a .org at Gandi that you plan on keeping for a while longer still, we recommend doing so before August 1st rolls around and at that, renewing for the maximum allowed time (up to 10 years).

Depending on the number of .org domains you own, you could end up saving quite a bit by acting now rather than waiting for your domains to expire.

Renew domains.
Transfer domains or read our transfer process walkthrough.
Register new .org domains.

The old gTLS registries have started to make this something of a habit, raising their prices in turn.

2015 was no exception to the rule, with a price increase of approximately 10%. The first one to rise will be .INFO, which will go from €12.57 to €14 excl. VAT under A rates, on May 1st.

Concerning .ORG, this extension's price will increase on August 1st, going from €12.97 to €14 excl. VAT for creations for one year.

There are other price modifications for other operations tied to these extensions, such as transfers, renewals, and restorations. These new prices will also take effect on the extensions' respective price change date. Here is a recap of these new prices, for A rates:

As of May 1st for .INFO, and August 1st for .ORG:

     creation: €14 excl. VAT/year
     renewal: €14.46 excl. VAT/year
     transfer: €11 excl. VAT
     restoration: €101.03 excl. VAT

As we like to advice our customers in this type of situation, please don't hesitate to renew your "key" domains before the increase. Keep in mind that both .INFO and .ORG can be registered for up to 10 years.

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