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Interesting things happen when you’re live. People go off-script, improvise, say and do unexpected things or just feel more spontaneous and direct. Sports is more exciting live. Comedy in front of a live studio audience is funnier. Live news is more breaking and live politics is more raw. Live music is more powerful.

That’s why it’s great that from April 1 until June 30, 2016, .live is on sale for $15.57 per year (normally $31.15 at A rates).

A .live domain also goes well with .rocks and .social, which are two other TLDs on sale since January. That was supposed to end March 31, but that’s now been extended to June 30.

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Remember what real laughter sounds like? What real applause is like?

We know, a laugh track is supposed to elicit a psychological response in those who hear it that makes them laugh too. But somehow canned laughter always sounds just a little bit … off. The audience reaction never seems to be quite appropriate, always seems a bit too uproarious, and to pivot to a totally different emotion a bit too quickly.

Two new TLDs are entering the GoLive phase today that remind us that ultimately, nothing beats the spontaneity of the proverbial  .live .studio audience (if only we had a .live .studio audience for announcing new gTLDs like these).

Both .live and .studio are both entering the GoLive phase this Wednesday October 28th at 9:00 am PDT. Each will be available for $31.15 per year at A rates.

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Sometimes it seems like it would be fun to live a double life: "By day, a mild-mannered domain name registrar, by night Gandi fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the Internet way!"

Maybe we got a little carried away there but it's all to introduce two new gTLDs that also live a double life:

By day, .live and .studio are great for television, radio, or even Internet broadcasting (perhaps producing that new superhero idea we just had in front of a .live .studio audience), by night, they .live in a .studio in an up-and-coming neighborhood.

These two gTLDs are now entering the Sunrise phase, during which they will each be available for $167.59 per year.

They will enter the Landrush phase October 25, during which they'll be available for $178.39 per year and then on October 28, they will enter the GoLive phase, when they'll be available for $31.15 per year. All those prices, of course, were cited at A rates.

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