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It's always with great remorse that we make this type of announcement but effective 23 January 2017, in order to comply with our contractual obligations, we have increased registration and renewal prices on 76 TLDs, on all price grids.

The reason for the price increase largely has to do with the fact that we pay most new gTLDs in US Dollars and exchange rates have recently fluctuated such that we were compelled to increase rates on affected TLDs.

Generally, we don't adjust our prices based on minor exchange rate fluctuations, however the variations this time were too significant to be able to avoid adjusting our rates. So it's out of necessity that we are notifying you of the following new rates on the following TLDs:

Taxes are not included in the above prices, which unless otherwise indicated, apply both to renewals and creations.

Besides the TLDs listed above, the following TLDs are also impacted, though only in grids B through E:

.asia, .org, .ag, .tv, .tel, .ws, .mobi:

  • Grids B and C: +10% on transfers only
  • Grids D and E: +10% on all operations

One last TLD, .biz, is also impacted but only on Grid E. The prices for all operations have been increased by 10%.

Interesting things happen when you’re live. People go off-script, improvise, say and do unexpected things or just feel more spontaneous and direct. Sports is more exciting live. Comedy in front of a live studio audience is funnier. Live news is more breaking and live politics is more raw. Live music is more powerful.

That’s why it’s great that from April 1 until June 30, 2016, .live is on sale for $15.57 per year (normally $31.15 at A rates).

A .live domain also goes well with .rocks and .social, which are two other TLDs on sale since January. That was supposed to end March 31, but that’s now been extended to June 30.

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There's plenty of rock out there, but if you want to say something "rocks," it has to have that certain something, that transcendent resplendency, that … transplendency.

When something really rocks, you lose yourself in it a little bit and just become one with the crowd. Sure, everyone is a unique individual snowflake. But a great band, show, song, whatever that really rocks connects you with a bigger, social experience.

Well, now, January 11, through March 31 June 30 is the time to chase that otherwise untenable experience with a .rocks domain to connect you to what really, well, rocks or a .social domain that connects you to anything and everything social, which are each on sale at half-price. That is, .rocks is available for just $7.77 per year at A rates instead of the normal $15.54 while .social is available for just $16.25 per year at A rates rather than the usual $32.49.

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Six new gTLDs are entering the General Availability phrase tomorrow, Wednesday 6 Aug at 9am PDT (16:00 UTC), and will be available for registration by all at standard prices.

Note: You don't need to wait until GoLive begins to register your domain: we strongly encourage you to pre-register now. We will then submit the order on your behalf at the earliest possible moment, in the order they are received. As always, if the registration is not successful, we will automatically refund your prepaid account (and will refund to your external funding source upon request).

The GoLive prices of a one-year registration at A rates are as follows:


Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


Seven new gTLDs are coming to Gandi.

You'll find the list of newcomers below, along with a link to the TLD's pricing page and the dates and prices (A rates) corresponding to the Sunrise, Landrush, and GoLive phases:

  • .BLACKFRIDAY Sunrise (ends 30 June): $335.34 | GoLive (8 July): $51.01
  • .CHRISTMAS     Sunrise (ends 30 June): $328.67 | GoLive (8 July): $38.34
  • .CONSULTING  Sunrise (ends 16 June): $173.68 | Landrush (25 June to 14 July): $193.67 | GoLive (23 July): $38.34
  • .HAUS Sunrise (ends 14 July): $173.68 | Landrush (23 July to 11 August): $193.67 | GoLive (20 August): $38.34
  • .LUXURY Landrush (10 May to 11 Aug): $658.66 | GoLive (19 May): $458.66
  • .ROCKS Sunrise (ends 30 June): $149.68 | Landrush (9 to 28 July): $157.68 | GoLive (6 August): $15.54
  • .شبكة GoLive (4 February): $19.34

Note that .شبكة ("network" in Arabic), which has been in GoLive since February, can only be used with domains in Arabic script.

As usual: The Sunrise phase is reserved for those with TMCH-registered trademarks.
If you're really determined to get a domain, but don't hold the corresponding trademark, you can register during the Landrush phase.
Once a TLD enters the GoLive phase, it's open for registration at normal prices by anyone meeting the Registry's rules.


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