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As the countdown nears 0 for public availability of the first new TLDs (beginning of February), more are entering Sunrise every week.

This week, there are 8 new extensions available for pre-registration. The list is as follows:

At Gandi, .link and .education finished with the highest number of pre-reservations, followed by .camp.

This week's fun fact: .ruhr is the first new geographic TLD in Europe. Don't get too excited: it's reserved to inhabitants of the Ruhr region of Germany.

Sunrise registration is available as of today at Gandi for all of the above TLDs.

As the first landrush phases are approaching (by the end of the month), a new batch of extensions is entering the Sunrise phase, reserved for trademark holders.

This week's Sunrise group for the Donuts registry:

As usual, you must possess an SMD file obtained from the TMCH to be able to reserve a domain name during the Sunrise phase of a new TLD.

Registrations during the Landrush phase (in 60 days) and during General Availability (in 90 days) are already possible. We will submit pre-orders first, after which orders will be submitted on a first-come, first-served basis, as of 14 January.

Next Tuesday, 21 January, 2014, the following Donuts TLDs will enter Sunrise: .education, .institute, .repair, .camp and .glass.

The other (non-Donuts) TLDs that will become available in the following days are as follows:

  • .christmas
  • .club
  • .gift
  • .guitars
  • .kiwi
  • .link
  • .luxury
  • .menu
  • .mina (everyone, in Japanese characters)
  • .online and .site (in Cyrillic characters)
  • .online and .website (in Chinese characters)
  • .pics
  • .photo
  • .ruhr
  • .shabaka (in Arabic script)
  • .uno

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It's the first Tuesday of the year, which means it's the 2014's first batch of new TLDs, brought to you by Donuts.

This week's Sunrise includes the following newcomers:

As usual, you must be in possession of an SMD file acquired from TMCH to be able to reserve a domain name during the Sunrise period.

Coming up next Tuesday (14 January 2014), Donuts will be kicking off another Sunrise for the following new TLDs:

  • .builders
  • .email
  • .solutions
  • .support
  • .training

Note: The French version of this post is over here.

31 new gTLDs were added in the last 4 months of 2013, and the pace will pick up even more in 2014 with several hundred new gTLDs scheduled to début over the next few months.

This week's new TLDs will be introduced, as usual, with a 60-day trademark protection period (Sunrise phase).

This phase will be followed by a 7-day "priority" registration period starting 5 March 2014, during which registrations are available at a higher price. General availability at normal rates will begin 12 March 2014.

To make a reservation or see the prices, see the TLD info pages:

If you have made pre-reservations, you can convert them from within your account.

Coming up next week: .academy, .center, .computer, .management and .systems, with dozens more TLDs to be introduced the week after that.

The new top-level domains .sexy and .tattoo are now available. Can you imagine your .sexy email? What about that new ink you just got? Show it off online with a .tattoo domain. 

The sunrise phase is on now, and so only those with registered brands can get them right away. If you are a brand holder and want to get it registered, let us know here!

Following the sunrise, these extensions will be open to all on Feb 24th, 2014. Pricing for the golive phase of .sexy is $21.70/year, excluding VAT, if you are at A rates. See all the prices here.

You can pre-register them for go-live now:

It's week 5 of the new gTLD launches, and choices abound!

This week's four new arrivals will kick off, as always, with a trademark protection period (Sunrise phase) beginning on Christmas eve and lasting 60 days.

This phase will be followed by the seven-day priority registration period (and by "priority" they mean "pricier") starting 26 February 2014, before being opened up for regular registration at standard prices on 5 March 2014.

To see prices or reserve a domain, see the TLD info pages below:

If you've made pre-reservations, you can convert them to pre-registrations from within your account: https://www.gandi.net/admin/reservations

Coming up next week are scheduled launches of .tattoo, .sexy, .limo, .domains, .cab, .wed, .menu, .uno, .kiwi and .company.

Questions? Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

Get used to it as it will become frequent in 2014: new extensions are available today!

As always, those 4 new extensions will begin with the trademark protection phase (Sunrise), that will last 60 days.

That phase will be followed by the priority "Landrush" registration phase (which means that the registration prices will be higher), during 7 days (19/02/2014), before the general opening (26/02/2014).

In order to reserve or check our prices, use the following links:

If you have made some pre-reservations, log into your account to convert them:


The extensions planned to launch next week are .tattoo, .sexy, .carrers, .photos, .recipes and .shoes.

The pace is accelerating for new generic top-level domain (gTLD) releases. In case you haven't heard, the Donuts registry is offering 7 new extensions for sunrise right now:

Another batch of 7 is queued up for December 10, at 8am Pacific time:

Add to this list the gTLDs .menu and شبكة (aka .shabaka, or "web" in Arabic), depending on whether we get the data we need from the registry in time. 


December 11 is a good day for gTLDs too, with the Sunrise of .tattoo and .sexy. Should be interesting, but where is .nice? 


We are working on getting .kiwi ready for  December 16, and will notify you here about others as the information becomes available. Stay tuned!

This year, as you probably know, will see the arrival of the first set of new top-level domain name (TLD) extensions. Over 500 new registries are forming, which collectively will service over 1500 of these additional extensions. This huge expansion in the name space of domains will not be possible without creating some branding conflicts, and this is where the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) comes in. 


What is the TMCH?

The Trademark Clearinghouse is an institution that provides centralized brand management.

ICANN has anticipated the need for a single point of contact for all trade and service mark registrations, and has created the TMCH for this purpose. It is managed by IBM, who is taking care of the technical side, and Deloitte, who will handle the validation of registered trademarks. Together, they will enable the the holders of valid, registered trademarks to gain priority in the registration of domains that are comprised of these marks. Companies registering with TMCH can defensively register domains (during the sunrise period for a given TLD) or be notified of registrations that match registered trademarks during the 90-day window following the sunrise.


Who can register a trademark?

Domain names containing registered trademarks can be registered any natural or legal person with proven rights to a given brand, either regional, national or international. We have found that there are limitations to the use of a trademark as a domain name, however. For example, brands containing a period (.) or special marks can't be parsed by the DNS system and will not be accepted. Spaces and other punctuation marks included in a brand may be replaced by a dash, and if the mark contains the @ or & characters they can be translated into the language corresponding to the jurisdiction of the brand (e.g. "at" and "and" in English).


How can Gandi help?

Gandi Corporate Services can manage the registration of your mark, and send you any alerts you may get.

If you want to become a Gandi Corporate Services customer, you can! To use the TMCH service, just subscribe for a one-year term by sending your request to tmch@gandi.net or corporate-team@gandi.net.


Once you are subscribed, we will help you register your trademarks in the TMCH and monitor alerts regarding potential infringing registrations. Our prices for this service are as follows:


  • Registration of a brand for one year: $250 (including the $145 fee assessed by TMCH), and $250 for renewal (which is useful in protecting your mark for as-yet-unreleased extensions).
  • Registration of a brand for three years: $690 (including the $435 TMCH fee)
  • Registration of a brand for five years: $1090 (including $725 TMCH fee)


ICANN estimates that the first extensions will be openly available by June, so a 3-year or even 5-year registration makes sense, especially considering that the rate of introduction may be as high as 1000 new extensions a year. We offer volume pricing for large customers.


If you are interested in our offer or want specific details, please contact us at tmch@gandi.net.

 As you know by now, the biggest news of 2013 will be the arrival of the first round of new extensions. More than 500 new registries will emerge to manage a set of nearly 1,500 new TLDs. Obviously, the idea is to multiply the number of available names, and this can only multiply the difficulties when it comes to protecting your trademark. This is where the sp (TMCH) comes into play.

What is it?
To put it simply, the Trademark Clearinghouse is an institution which will focus on centralizing management of trademark-related issues.
More specifically, ICANN has requested the creation of a unique service to manage trademark registrations. This service will be managed by two heavyweights in their respective fields: IBM will handle the technical aspects; Deloitte, the validation procedures. Together, their role will be to verify the rights of registered trademark holders and to facilitate priority registrations during defensive registration periods (Sunrise) or to alert markholders by email when a domain name identical to their trademark has been registered within a 90-day window after the end of a Sunrise period.

Who can sign up?
Any natural or legal person with documented rights to a given national or regional brand (EU and international) is eligible. There are several restrictions on the use of a trademark as a domain name. For example, brands which contain periods or intellectual property rights which cannot be handled by the DNS (e.g. patents and designs) will not be accepted. It will be possible to replace spaces and other punctuation marks contained in trademarks with dashes, and translated versions of symbols such as & and @ can be used, in the language of the trademark jurisdiction (e.g. "and" and "at" for English-language brands)

What can Gandi offer?
We are pleased to offer trademark-based registration management and early-warning notifications through Gandi Corporate Services.

If you are not a Gandi Corporate customer, you only need to subscribe for at least one month on this page: https://www.gandi.net/corporate/souscrire

Gandi Corporate offers complete support for trademark registrations under TMCH and for monitoring for domains registered which violate your intellectual property rights (Claims Services) available at the following rates:

One-year registration (per brand): 190 euros (including TMCH fees of $145) and 190 euros per renewal (for protection under extensions that have not been released yet)
Three-year registration (per brand): 520 euros (including TMCH fees of $435)
Five-year registration (per brand): 830 euros (including TMCH fees of $725)

Knowing that the first extensions will be available by June (according to ICANN estimates) and that the rest will follow over the following 20 to 22 months, it seems smart to take a 3-year package (or 5 years if you want to be ready for the second wave of new extensions!).
Lastly, for bulk purchases, contact us for volume pricing.

If you are interested in our offer or if just want more specific details, we invite you to contact us at tmch@gandi.net.

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