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Nine new extensions from the Donuts registry have entered Sunrise and are now available for Sunrise registration and pre-registration at Gandi.

Here's the list, accompanied as usual with links to the TLD info pages and prices at A rates (Sunrise / Landrush / GoLive, respectively):

  • .agency $112.68 / $132.68 / $21.22
  • .bargains: $119.68 / $139.68 / $32.49
  • .boutique $119.68 / $139.68 / $32.49
  • .cheap $119.68 / $139.68 / $32.49
  • .cool $119.68 / $139.68 / $32.49
  • .expert $132.68 / $152.67 / $52.68
  • .watch $119.68 / $139.68 / $32.49
  • .works $119.68 / $139.68 / $32.49
  • .zone $119.68 / $139.68 / $32.49

.agency, .bargains, .boutique, .cheap and .zone are already available in Sunrise.

.watch and .cool will enter Sunrise tomorrow, Tuesday, 25 February, whereas .expert and .works will enter Sunrise on Tuesday, 4 March.

Seven new gTLDs are entering General Availability today, Wednesday 19 February, 2014:

Here are the prices at A rates:

We're sending pre-registrations to the Registry. As usual, pre-registrations that cannot be completed will be refunded.

These three extensions from UniRegistry have entered Sunrise and are now available for registration (for holders of trademarks obtained from TMCH) and pre-registration (for everybody else).

The General Availability phase (Go Live) will occur 15 April 2014 at 11:00am PST (17:00 UTC).  The prices are as follows (A rates, without applicable taxes):

  • .gift Sunrise: $283.00, Go Live (pre-registration): $21.75
  • .photo Sunrise: $289.67, Go Live (pre-registration): $32.49
  • .pics Sunrise: $283.00, Go Live (pre-registration): $21.75

.BERLIN, Germany's second new geographic extension (after .RUHR) enters Sunrise on 14 February.

This Sunrise is a bit special – it's similar to a Landrush, but it's first-come, first-served, just like Berliners at your local bakery. That means that while you must possess the corresponding trademark from TMCH (more info in this post) to be able to register the domain, if someone else owns the same trademark, the first one to register the domain wins!

Of course, it just wouldn't be German if there weren't a few rules:

  • One of the domain's contacts (other than the billing contact) must have an address in Berlin. Gandi doesn't (yet) offer a local contact for this extension, so you'll need to make the necessary arrangements,
  • The administrative contact must be an individual, and
  • The domain must be activated within 12 months of its registration (website, redirection or email addresses; in the case of a website, it must have some relationship to the city of Berlin).

The Sunrise price for a .berlin is $312.18 at A rates.

There will be no Landrush phase for this extension.

General Availability starts the day after the Sunrise phase ends, 18 March at 10am UTC, at which point the price will be $52.18/year.

Please note that invalid applications submitted during Sunrise will not be refunded.

The new .CEO extension is entering Sunrise today, where it will remain until March 11th. The Landrush phase will follow, from 17 to 24 March.

General availability is scheduled for March 28th, 2014.

The primary purpose of this extension is apparently to verify the domain owner's status as a real CEO, where he or she can be free to express their views and opinions without worrying about those troublesome parody social media accounts. It’s apparently short for "Credible. Exceptional. Official." and will help with "branding the cult of the CEO." Also, .ceo is, and we quote, "The only address on the internet to convey Authority and Power." Well, we think .guru would beg to differ!

The Sunrise price of this new gTLD will be $258.68 USD, which includes the Sunrise application as well as 2 years of registration.

During Landrush and General Availability, the price will be $89.68 per year.

Similar domains registered during Sunrise or Landrush will be subject to an auction organized by the Registry.

For more information, see the .ceo TLD info page.

Okay, so they might not be the most highly anticipated new extensions, but it is what it is: The sunrise phase for .codes, .farm, and .viajes has begun, and they are available for pre-registration as of today, Tuesday 11 February.

The Sunrise period of these three extensions will last two months, ending 12 April. As usual, the last three days of the Landrush phase, which will end 23 April, will be available on our website; if you want to drop the thousands of dollars needed to get in on the first four days of the Landrush, contact our support team. (The Donuts-style Landrush, or EAP, is explained in detail in our blog post.)

Finally, the opening of the General Availability phase is scheduled for 23 April, 2014, when regular prices kick in:

You can already pre-register domains under these extensions for General Availability. Orders which cannot be completed will be refunded.

.uno and .buzz are being launched today, along with two Donuts extensions, .holiday and .marketing.

We're a little late on .uno: the Sunrise phase (which is not "first-come, first-served," as you know) is ending this week. If you have a trademark and want to register it under .uno, you have until this Friday, 7 February at 7am PST. A 30-day Landrush period will follow, lasting until General Availability begins on 19 March, 2014.

For .buzz, the Sunrise phase is underway, and will be in the Landrush phase from 18 March until 10 April, 2014. General Availability for .buzz begins 15 April.

Feeling lost? Check out yesterday's Gandibar post for an explanation of the different phases that apply to these new gTLDs.

Note: The French version of this post can be found here.

The General Availability period for the first new TLDs is only a week away, and the rhythm of weekly Sunrise openings is in full swing. Today, the Donuts registry is offering us a bouquet of 5 new TLDs, with promises of two more next week. 

And so today, Tuesday, 28 January, we welcome our five new friends:

This particularly interesting set of extensions is already available for pre-registration (or for conversion, if you've already made pre-reservations).

Next Tuesday, the Sunrise phase will begin for the following two newcomers.

You can already pre-reserve these two new TLDs using the links above.

Rendez-vous here next Tuesday for the big day!

What now?

  • Pre-registrations can be managed from the Orders in Progress page of your Gandi account. (Pre-reservations are also on your Orders in Progress page, under the Pre-reservations tab.)
  • For more information on the new TLDs in general, see this page.
  • Questions? Ask us at @gandibar on Twitter (link opens in a new window).

Note: The French version of this post can be found here.

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