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After a little more than a month of Alpha testing, which has been well received, our new data center in Paris is now entering Beta testing, with a tentative production date of March 20, 2017.

Be aware that only our Gandi Cloud hosting platform is currently available, which includes: Servers, Volumes, IPs, and Private Networks. No date is currently set for the launch of Simple Hosting and Web Accelerators on FR-SD3. These are currently only available on our primary Paris data center and our Luxembourg one (FR-SD2 and LU-BI1, respectively).

We would like to thank all of you who have helped test this new infrastructure so far during the Alpha phase and we would encourage all customers to continue testing it for free during Beta testing as well, all the way up until the release date of March 20.

Once that date arrives, we will no longer be able to continue offering free hosting on FR-SD3. The pricing scale in place on our other data centers will be implemented for FR-SD3 as well.

Of course feel free to contact our Hosting Support team for any and all questions, comments, impressions, or thoughts. Or, alternatively, share them with us by emailing feedback@gandi.net.

We are very excited to announce that from now on, Snapshots are free on our Simple Hosting platform!

Snapshots allow you to schedule automatic, periodic copies of the files contained on your Simple Hosting instance. Until now, this service required an additional 30% disk space added to the total quota in order to use.

From today on, though, you can now activate snapshots without having to buy any additional disk space. The copies of your files will no longer count towards your total disk usage.

To activate snapshots, go to your Simple Hosting management page on our legacy site or on #gandiv5. If snapshots are already activated on your instances, the additional disk space will no longer be invoiced to you the next time your renew.

We would remind you that Snapshots are not a full backup as they do not include a backup of your databases. You can include your database in the snapshot by exporting your database into a file on your instance which will then be included in the next snapshot.

For more information on Snapshots, feel free to reference our wiki: https://wiki.gandi.net/simple/snapshot

Otherwise, you can of course contact our Hosting support team for any other questions.

As we anticipated in our first update about the new site, Simple Hosting is now available on #gandiv5.

We designed this new Simple Hosting interface with the intention to make it as easy to use for beginners as for expert users.

To that end, this new interface incorporates all the information required to manage an instance and bring sites online, whether you use sFTP, Git, our CLI, or the management interface itself.

We also completely redesigned our interface for managing services installed on instances in order to better align with how each technology is used: 


  • Since for PHP instances, each vhost has its own codebase with its own directory and Git repository, these are now under the "Sites" tab ;
  • Node.js, Python, and Ruby instances are all now available under the "Domains" tab, since a vhost with these instances allows you to direct requests to a single codebase


In addition, Simple Hosting instances no longer come with any commitment, which allows you greater flexibility to receive pro-rated refunds to your prepaid account should you decide to or need to delete an instance before it expires, regardless of whether you subscribed for one, three, six or twelve months.

Since this is a beta version, be aware that not all functionalities are currently available, but within the next couple of weeks we expect to roll out a few new key features. One is that you will soon be able to take advantage of our "Snapshots" archive tool, which will now be included free of charge. The standard disk size will also double from 10 Gb to 20 Gb. All existing instances will be upgraded to this new baseline, even if they weren't initially created on #gandiv5.

In the next few weeks, we'll be bringing other new functionalities on line as well, bit by bit, including statistics, event management, language version updates, disk space increases, and instance size upgrades.

If you'd like to test Simple Hosting on #gandiv5, just go to https://beta.gandi.net and log in with your Gandi handle.

If you haven't migrated your account to the new site yet, you'll need to complete that process in order to get your new username.

Of course, feel free to contact us if you run into any difficulties or have any thoughts or reactions. You can reach us at feedback@gandi.net


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